5 Global Threats to Agriculture

Global Threats to Agriculture
Global Threats to Agriculture


It is a known fact that agriculture is under the influence of natural factors, that is why we have taken time to analyze the global threats to agriculture. This natural factors are those factors that explains the output gotten from agriculture in recent days. In fact, this will continue to occur as long has agriculture is still taking place around the world.

Their is a chance that the problem of food insecurity, collapse of food systems and a rare production of cash crops has been going on for days. Of course, this effect on agriculture are brought in place by some driving force. This driving force threatens the friendly and agreeable Agricultural sector.

What makes it really stressful to compact this agricultural problems is the variation of this factors around the world. For example, an area (or country) around the world might suffer a devastating effect from soil erosion while another area might lack greatt amount of rainfall for a years. All this finally affects the plant that are growing there by reducing their availability and yiel during harvest.

Yet, this agricultural problems kept on increasing because the root of the matter has not been resolved to the people. So in this article, you will be getting used to threats in the Agricultura sector of the world economy and the steps to take for better results.

The Main 5 Threats to Agriculture

1. Climate Change: As expected, climate change is the greatest cause to the transformation of agriculture. No matter the technology it will still continue to affect the Agricultural sector. The rate of death in African countries suffering from drought is a main case study to talk about when looking at the effect of climate change on the agricultural sector. Drought, flooding, heat, storms, hurricane, weather volatility, shifting seasons, global warming and importanttly the ecosystem disorder are main factors you can always look out for that affects Agriculture. The final effect of all the process listed above is disruption of crop and animals.

In order to reduce the effect on rapid climate change on the growth of agriculture, everyone has to immediately take charge. The damaging of eco system and the abiotic sector of the economy is a huge step for everyone to carry. But if by any means, we tool this as unnecessary steps then weight get to suffer from hunger, lack of clothing and many others on coming year’s.  

2. Urban Development: Urbanization is a great tackle to the development of agriculture. Lands are living, estate are now developing so well. Even the rural parts around the world are already getting set to becoming towns. Now, what is left for the background of agriculture when their is no other way than practising farming on lands. It is never the faults of anyone that the lands are developing, it is just the problem of the population rise in recent years.

According to a study, the population of the world took about 19 centuries to have a fixed population to 1 billion but right now their is about 7 times increase of the formal population figure. Even though many countries are stating the law for family planning to reduce overpopulation, it kept on with its steady increasing. Their is a general physical loss of agriculture immediately urbanization set in.

3. Diseases: Just like human being, plants and animals are also living things. This means they are likely to get infected by diseases from anywhere. Some suffer from Airborne disease, water borne and many other kinds. This has been a great concern to think about because it cause death or even the transmission of the disease to human beings. It will be unknown to man that they are eating a meat or vegetable  that has been infected with a virus or parasite.

Their is a limited way to get out of this mess as soon as possible because the foods of animal are fully exposed, they dream from an extranal (sometimes not portable source) amd finally contracts the disease eventually. Some of the disease that has been in the works recently is the bird flu which killed more than 8000 fouls in a year and this goes on with many plants and animals as well.

4. Water scarcity: We are getting to the level where water has become too scarce that if it is not monitored,  it can cause the adverse effects to crops and livestock in the future. Recently, it is observed that the source of water for most living things has decreased and the group that will suffer mostly from this is crops and livestock.   

5. Lack of preparation: Of course, everyone wants to be a leader in the tech space. Every single person has the fantasy of owing the latest tech gadget where as the future of agriculture is getting dumped down. Yet, this technology is the leasing innovation to improving the result of agriculture. The preparation being put to irrigation, drugs and remedies, buildings and the development of agriculture can help to deliver the required results


Having explained the different threats to sustainable agriculture, it is important to pull all measures in place to overcome them so that productivity can be enhanced in the sector.

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