5 Steps to Rice Farming – A Profitable Guide

Rice farming
Steps to Rice Farming

In crop production, rice farming is one of the heavyweights in this sector of business. Rice is also known as Oryza Sativa. It is one of those grains that give energy – carbohydrates. The following are basic steps you must follow to build a sustainable rice farming business.

1. Land Preparation:

You should also clear the land appropriately using cutlasses. 

2. Varieties:

There are two main varieties of rice. The swamp rice (can grow well in the marshy or swampy areas) and the upland rice. 

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Picture Credit: Thoa Ngo 

3. Requirement for rice growth

a. Temperature: about 20°C

b. Rainfall: 75 cm to 120 cm for upland rice and 250 I’m for swamp rice

c. Soil structure – light fertile soil

d. Seed rate – 65 kg per hectare

e. Spacing of seeds – the spacing is 25 cm to 30cm

f. Planting date: the beginning of the rainfall season – April / May 

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4. Planting:

In maize farming, there is nothing like a preliminary nursery bed for the farm. But in rice, it is very important. After 3 – 4 weeks, these crops can be transferred to the farm again. Also, the planting operations should take place. Apply the right feer8lizers thinning, supply more crops and so on.

5. Harvesting and Marketing your Rice farming:

The redhead of rice is cut with a knife. This is where the grains are saved and then other plans will follow. Other plans include sun drying, threshing, winnowing, hulling, polishing and so many other things.

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