6 Most Lucrative Farming Business Ideas In The World

Most Lucrative Farming Business Ideas In The World
Most Lucrative Farming Business Ideas In The World

This article is about 6 Most Lucrative Farming Business Ideas In The World. In every area of business, there are top investments to go for but they always come with a lot of rugged competition. This is the same for Agriculture but the fact is that you will become successful if you have the primary knowledge.

In the business that I will be talking about in this article, you need a little capital to start and have a massive cash flow. This is a popular part of agribusiness that drives a lot of money to the bank account of farmers.

I have listed a list of 6 crop farming you can go into for 2021 and will earn a fast ROI within a couple of months.

The 6 Most Lucrative Farming Business Ideas In The World

Rice farming

Probably everyone in Nigeria eats rice. At least 99 in 1000 households in Nigeria take rice as their first kind of trusted food. In Nigeria, the demand for rice is more than that of supply. That is the only reason we are exporting fake and exorbitant grain into this country. Most of the imported grains either have expired or have a short period to being expired.

You can become the next rated Nigeria millionaire or billionaire from rice farming. Especially if you have a connection into those tier 1 countries exporting your rice over there and earning Your Own money.

The fact is that the demand for rice keeps increasing in Nigeria and you have to take action now. If the government decides to disallow trading of rice over borders, then the supply of rice will drop rapidly in Nigeria. The price goes up and only the few farmers cultivating rice in Nigeria will be saved.

Cassava Farming

Are there any food crops that can be manufactured and refined to multiple products other than cassava. It is a primary raw material for making both foods and non edible products. 20% of what an average household in Nigeria will eat is made of cassava. Examples of those gold products include garri, wheat-flour, animal feed, commercial caramel, and a lot more. I regard this as a traditional crop in Nigeria as it gains more recognition and investment than virtually any other crop in Nigeria.

Cassava farming is just like wielding a lot of money into your bank account daily. This requires less capital and less effort to rice. It is not grown by seeds, instead its stem is the method of propagation. A plot of land prepared, stumped and consisting of ridges of cassava stems will drive more income than some acres of land within some time. The return on investment of cassava is so fast that within a limited time of 6 month, you can have your returns.

If you are fortunate enough to sign deals with companies that make use of cassava as principal raw materials. Then you should expect triple returns and perhaps better massive engagement in cassava farming for coming years.

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Picture Credit: Gabriel Jimenez 

Poultry farming

Poultry farming on a large scale is both interesting and profit driven. If you practice this well and with care, you will probably make multiples on the amount you invest on poultry farming every year. You can start by rearing chickens, turkey, ducks and other domesticated animals.

During festivals like Christmas, poultry birds are arguably the most influencing animal used for celebration. The demand at that time can make you a crumbling cash flow income for the next 365 days. However, this involved a lot more effort, agronomy and care.

Fish farming

Unless you have been to the market in Nigeria, fish comes in high supply and mostly would not accommodate the demand. Even if it does, many people still want to buy fishes but wouldn’t get that opportunity. If you have a large fish investment and you are ready to push it. In 3 – 6 month, you should be wrapping up 2 times your investment. That means you can make at least 4 multiples of your invested money within a year.

Fishery is very profitable and the investment is worth everything put in it. Although it requires care and energy, it is simply a much better investment. Looking at it, catfish is the most reared fish in Nigeria and it comes with a lot of potential returns. Others include tilapia, prawn, crayfish, oysters and so on.

You can go into fishing on a large scale, small scale and even start with containers in your backyard.

Pig farming

If you are reading this list and you don’t believe in pig farming, then you need to look more into the Agri social in Nigeria. Pigs are very profitable and lucrative animals with simple rules. People regard them as dirty animals but you can change the topic by changing them regularly.

Pigs give birth to a lot of piglets at the same time. I have seen one that gave birth to 12 at the same time. The farmer fed each of them for some months and he sold each 120,000 naira. That is the extent to which some farmers make a lot of money from pig farming.

Tomato farming

Tomato is a very lucrative and comfortable farm animal. It is known for adding flavor to virtually all our foods. Combining tomato farming with pepper farming makes you a household cook already. This are the main character of every family’s food.

A few foods or combinations of foods in Nigeria do not require tomatoes. Well, this is another product which demand doesn’t reduce no matter the situation of the market or the price. If you are not going for any other list above, I think you should have a tomato, pepper and onion farm to roast everything up.

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