8 Costly Mistakes in Vegetable Farming Made by Beginners

Costly Mistakes in Vegetable Farming Made by Beginners
Costly Mistakes in Vegetable Farming Made by Beginners

Vegetable farming is very profitable if done the right way. It doesn’t need a lot of energy but proper monitoring and farm principles are applicable.

Times without numbers, we have seen farmers make horrible, unconscious mistakes that would later cost them their vegetable farm. I think it is time we learn from others’ mistakes.

In this article, we have outlined 9 costly mistakes made by most farmers in vegetable farming.

Costly Mistakes in Vegetable Farming Made by Beginners

Instead of forcing yourself in the farming of other crops, go for vegetable farming and avoid the mistakes in vegetable farming as listed below:

  1. Poor Soil Management
  2. Planting of Poor Quality Seeds
  3. Poor research skills
  4. Poor Water Management
  5. Planting too much
  6. Lack of management time
  7. Weed management
  8. Not Harvesting on time
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Picture Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Poor Soil Management

Farmers need to ensure adequate management of their soil. This involves weeding, manuring, meaning soil structure and texture and so on.

Vegetables need good crop support to keep them going. That is the only way they can grow well, fast and sufficiently. The soil should be properly aerated, adequately filtered and contain the nutrient ready to keep the vegetable going.

If by chance you are growing crops that are heavy such as Cabbage, pepper, Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc, then you would have to put more effort into your soil.

Planting of Poor Quality Seeds

Let’s imagine you have good land to plant on, what of the seeds? High-quality seed guarantees growth and boosts the final yield of the vegetable. They have high resistance to disease and pests are known for higher output generation during harvest.

My advice is that if you are a new farmer, buy from a very reliable vegetable seed market where high quality, healthy and viable seeds are grown. Buying directly from these countries guarantees viable and healthy seeds.

Poor Research:

In everything we do in life, we need to keep learning and updating ourselves. This is the same for farming techniques for farmers. If you are keen on researching and trying new things on your farm, your likeness to grow is better than any other farmer.

Your vegetable farm is more likely to survive any scare during planning seasons because you would have an idea of what to do. Also, you would be able to analyse and organise different situations you identify regarding your vegetables.

Poor water management

Vegetables grow adequately in a humid and optimal water relative environment. They need proper irrigation to supply enough water to support their growth.

Many of us don’t know that vegetables have higher expectations when they are cultivated during dry seasons and have access to an adequate amount of water. It doesn’t mean that you can’t plant your vegetables during wet seasons but the best is dry seasons with sufficient water.
In other words, make sure there is an adequate supply of water to your farm. Avoid displacing the structure of the land with the water. Also, make sure you have a proper drainage system to keep erosion or too much water out of your farm.

Planting too much

Don’t plant too much just because you need a higher yield at the end because you will only waste your seeds and there is a tendency for high competition amongst those that later grow.

Planting too many seeds is a big mistake in vegetable farming. Look at your land size and compare it to the amount of seedlings/seeds you plan on planting.

Finally, look out for the spacing of each stand of vegetables. It needs to be accurate to reduce competition due to limited space.

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Picture Credit: Lewis Wilson

Lack of time management

You need to have time for your vegetables just how you do to your 9-5 jobs. This is what our fathers do to become successful farmers in the village.

It is wrong to plant vegetables and live them to survive on their own till harvest time. If by chance they do survive, then you need to understand that the yield would have been better than that if you are monitoring it very well.

Perhaps you are one farmer that does not have time for your vegetable farms, then you should get a farm attendant or manager to help you on the farm.

Plants management goes into having time to check for pests, diseases and other farm management principles on your farm.

Weed Management

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow on your farm. They compete with your crops for space, water, soil nutrients and so on. In short, they are most likely to cause a shortage in yield and a reduction in the growth of plants.

They will sure it grow on your farm. Like a good farmer, you have to take care of them. Once you notice the emergence of weeds on the farm, don’t procrastinate about weeding. Do that immediately and remove any unwanted plants that will reduce the health of your farms.

Not Harvesting On Time

Imagine having other issues under check and then it is time for you to harvest, you now have another issue coming up due to lack of harvesting on time. This is why you need to monitor your plants, see them mature well and then harvest on time.

During this harvesting period, some insects set out to destroy your yields. If you aren’t faster than them, you might lose high-quality yields from your vegetable farm.


Indeed, vegetable farming is very easy to manage and even profit from. Some farmers have their millions coming from growing lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc.

You can join this league if you can avoid the mistakes above. Most importantly, make sure you have time for your farm or put someone on the account of your farm.

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