Profitable Vegetable Farming, A Complete Guide

Guide to Vegetable Farming
Guide to Vegetable Farming

In this article, we will talk about Vegetables and a guide profitable vegetable farming – one of the most important parts of our foods and lives as Nigeria. Vegetable farming in Nigeria has gone a long way and it is time to show what it entails.

We all know about jute leaf ( ewedu), okra, Ugu, Spinach, Cucumber etc but I guess we know about the rare Beetroot or Rosemary. Well a lot needs to be discussed about vegetable farming in Nigeria.

If this is what this article will be about them it would be very complex. After narrowing it down to a mere simple summary, detailed, well researched information.

Many farmers are averaging Millions from vegetable farming in Nigeria yet we still think white collar jobs or working in the office is much better. Moreover, vegetable farming does not involve a lot of capital or pressure, commitment is enough to move your farm.

If that is not enough for you then you can go into that small space in your back that you term useless, Create a demarcation for a farm and start cultivating vegetables.

Overview of what vegetables in Nigeria look like?

Vegetable is the real deal of soup in Nigeria. At least every household in Nigeria consume a certain type of vegetable. We all buy vegetable in the market. This is one of the most abundant product in the market Even through the level of inflation of Nigeria has risen very well.

Farmers enjoy selling vegetables which they cultivated within a limited period of time due to the fast and high ROI. Even the buyers who make use of these vegetables see the components of vegetables as one of the most important to body health. This is the reason the market keeps booming every single day.

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Types of Vegetables You Can Grow In Nigeria

In Nigeria, over 30 vegetables can grow well in all these natural and human factors and they will still survive well. Just that some require a bit of expertise from others. While some are popular, it is the other way round for another.

However, if you want to start vegetable farming in Nigeria, you should look at all the factors surrounding the growth, marketing and development of that kind of business around the world.

Some of the main factors you shouldn’t consider before going into vegetable business in Nigeria include capital, popularity and market size, how fast the vegetable grows, Return on investment, how pest and diseases impact. Actually you should also look at the location.

Looking at it you can learn about how to grow each vegetable, the factors backing their growth and other important information will be discussed in our subsequent post.

Jute leaf
Water leaf
Egg plant

How To Start Vegetable Farming In Nigeria

Write out your business plan: You need to write out a strategic business plan for your business. A kind of business plan that will contain your motive, kind of farming, market size, marketing strategies, competition analysis, business analysis, crop analysis, future plans and a host of other factors that will be needed for your farming Business.

However, the secret here is that your business plan is based on your achievable capital. If you have to start a vegetable farm, then wrap up due to lack of finances in the future and your crop getting destroyed by unforeseen circumstances, it would be extra frustrating. So, to keep that out, write your business plan as per your achievable capital.

Get A Suitable Site

Vegetables grown in Nigeria does not mean that all vegetables will grow in every region around Nigeria. For instance, cucumbers grow in the north central region while OKRA flourish very well in the south east. This means that you get a suitable crop for your own kind of vegetable.

If you have a proper site before, then you would have to research the vegetables that grow best in that area and which people are willing to pay for. Even if a certain vegetable grows well in a particular region, you still have to monitor the demand of people or the demand for it around you.

Planting and practicing agronomy

Next you need to plant your vegetable under certain conditions. These conditions determine the growth of your vegetable and how well they would react to a particular place. A good land, adequate rainfall and humidity, a good PH, a sufficient temperature etc are all needed to enhance the growth of that crop.

Also, you should make sure that you are practicing your primary agronomy. Sincerely, it is not difficult to start a vegetable farming Business or practice agronomy on a vegetable farm. If you aren’t taking fertilizer application, weeding, irrigation, pest and diseases important , you might likely loss your business.

Harvesting: Vegetables are a perishable product. After the harvest they would need to be stored for quite some time. However, storage is not guaranteed on them as they might react to climate and environmental conditions and start to spoil.


Imagine having a business or a vegetable farm and not being able to sell. This is frustrating and it might result in the loss of harvested vegetables. This is the reason you need to have a stable market before going into any vegetable farming business. It is great but risky when you don’t t know who to sell to and where to sell to


Vegetables are still lucrative, the same business many farmers have made millions from. You see, your vegetable farm can be the next big thing if you are able to persevere, work smart and have your best plan on the farm.

I hope you enjoyed your reading.

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