A Guide on How To Schedule A Text Message On A Mobile Phone – Android and iOS

How Schedule A Text Message On A Mobile Phone
How Schedule A Text Message On A Mobile Phone

Do you want to schedule a text message on a mobile phone? Perhaps you do not have the idea of the process backing this up. We have research, tested and guaranteed methods by which you can schedule text messages on your iPhone and Android without any issue.

In this article, you are going to learn about how to schedule a text message on a mobile phone, both on iPhone and Android devices. You might not think of this as important but once you need to send a specific message to your boss at a particular time and you tend to forget, you will remember us. So, how do you schedule a text message on a mobile phone for both android and iPhone? Just follow this article as we progress into the full information about this. 

Just like you, no other person is ready to miss that minute meant for an important or special message. This is the reason we will be dedicating the rest of this piece to saving us from the worry. Whether you are an iPhone user or An android user, any of these methods listed below will work for you. 

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How To Schedule a text message on a mobile phone – iPhone Users

On a normal ground, Apple does not provide any inbuilt feature for iPhone and iPad users who which to schedule text messages on their phones. This does not mean that some tricks and tweaks can not be brought around this. It is very easy to schedule text messages on your iPhone.

1. Use a third-party app 

This is one of the easiest ways to schedule a text message on a mobile phone. Programmers are always helping with any issue. Once they spot any irrelevancy, they try to remodel it. This is the same for third-party apps which are used to schedule text messages on iPhone. 

When you get to your app store, you can search for message schedule apps. It is going to display suggestions for apps that will work for this purpose. If you have read the reviews, and are satisfied with them you can download it onan only issue we are advising is that there are several apps for this purpose and only a few are showing their capacity. 

Since the iPhone is not adding this tool to theirs, you expect the programmers that are in charge of this to add up a little bit of benefit to themselves. It is either you pay for the premium version of this apps, or you manage the frustratinpoppadsds and won’t pay. 

2. Use the iPhone Reminder app

This is another way in tackling the issue of how to schedule a text message on a phone. iPhone reminder app is an app used to set alarms for upcoming events. You are like what events are you talking about here? Sending that message is the event and we will be explaining how that correlates. In short, the event is sending a reminder for a message worth an event. You don’t set schedules or time limits for messages if they are not as important as events

All the same, just know the iPhone reminder app will help to set a reminder or indication for the time. The reminder can be set to some minutes before the required time limit. So when you would have been through with these steps, you can meet the time scheduled for the message.

1. Go to your iOS Reminders app 

2. Tap “the +” icon to add a new reminder for events(this time message)

3. At the input box for the title can just state anything peculiar to be ma message

4. In the note section, add the text which you wants to use a message.

5. Schedule the reminder by tapping on the calendar icon, specifying the date and time. The time can be about 5 minutes to the scheduled time for messaging. For instance, if the message is due by noon you should be able to set the reminder to 11:55.

6. When the time comes for the message and it comes up as a reminder. Just copy that message and paste it into the iMessage. Wait for the scheduled time and then send it.

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How To Schedule a text message on a mobile phone for Android Users

Samsung Galaxy is one of those phones with an inbuilt feature for sending scheduled text messages. It has some special feature that allows sowing the schedule of text messages.

However, there are still many other Android phones that can not do this. This is the reason we will use two simple methods the first for Samsung Galaxy and the second for Android phones that would not work.

Here are the simple ways to schedule a text message on a mobile phone, particularly Android Phone:

1. Use the Samsung Galaxy Messages app

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap “the compose” option and compose your message
  3. Tap + icon to schedule the message. Give it the best time and date that you can meet.
  4. Tap the “schedule message” option.

2. Use your Google Calendar app

Here are the steps to using the calendar app

  1. Go to the calendar app on your phone
  2. Tap + icon to create a new event for message
  3. Type in the time, message and date for the events (scheduled message).  
  4. Once it notifies you can copy that message and paste it into your message section.

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