A Guide to Profitable Agriculture Management For Crops and Livestock.

Agriculture Management
Agriculture Management

 To understand the concept of agriculture management, one has to understand the meaning of management first.

What is management ?

Management is the act of administration of something, some things, someone or some people. To manage, you organize, plan , make decisions, budget, maintain in order to pursue and achieve the goal behind a set up plan. 

What is Agriculture Management?

Agriculture management is the administration of agricultural practices in effectively in order to achieve the goals behind the particular agriculturist. Before one goes into agriculture, it is expected that one makes proper planning, organization and budgeting before one goes into any agricultural practice. If not, one may run into a great loss and debt. Before one goes deeply into any kind of farming, one had to organize.

That is to say that one has to put many things, like the implements, the farming equipment and all in place for the proper business. One also has to do proper planning. That is to say that one has to understand how and when those implements are to be used. One also has to make right decisions. Decision making is very crucial in agriculture management practices.

A lot situations requires various different wise decisions. Another management tool that will be emphasized is the budgeting. Poor budgeting in agricultural management may lead to the farmer running into great debt. Budgeting is therefore very important in agricultural management.

The last agriculture management tool that we will emphasize in this write up is marketing. One has to be sure of the conditions surrounding the marketing of the farming of his choice before venturing into it in order not to produce goods that won’t be favorable for market in the particular environment.

It is noteworthy that the principle of management practice is a very broad topic to consider let alone talking about agriculture management. However, we will pick the most practiced farming practiced (which are POULTRY, CATTLE REARING, RABBIT, CROP PLANTING) and discuss their management. 


Poultry agriculture management is carried out by either the owner or a hired manager. To manage a poultry farm, one has to know take note of the following points;

1. One has to know the kind of poultry birds one wants to breed, either the layers (those reared mainly for laying of eggs) or the broilers, ( those reared mainly for consumption) 

2. One has to enquire and make research on where to rear the birds, either in a cage or in a room.

3. Another thing one has to put in place adequate provision for unforeseen circumstances, as poultry birds may fall sick and be in need of quick treatment.

4. One also has to know the kind of marketing strategy to use. that is one has to understand how quick it is to market so that one would not need to produce broilers and don’t get customers to buy them. 

elaine casap qgHGDbbSNm8 unsplash
Picture Credit: Elaine Casap 


Cattle  rearing management might be a quite difficult task for some because rearing of cattle might be quite challenging, however, greatly rewarding if done rightly. to manage cattle, one has to put the following in great consideration.

1. the type of product you want to produce. That is, meat or dairy products. this is so because the breed that produces diary product is different for the one that produces meat and their feeding differs. 

2. You have to consider the location. Cows may be space demanding. Rearing of cows does not really support cows being confined in a small place. Thus, one has to make provision for a fenced and wide area of land for the cows. 

3. The gestation and reproduction of cow may be quite complex. So, one has to be familiar with it in order to under how to manage his cows.
4. The marketing of meat of cows is easier than the marketing of diary products because people consume boiled, smoked or fried cow meat but to produce diary products, one would have to transport raw cow milk to factory before it could be consumed. 


Rabbit rearing management is not as challenging as cattle rearing because the life structure of a rabbit is not as difficult as that of the cattle.

Notwithstanding, There are some management practices that should be put in place before going further into rabbit rearing. Those management practices include knowing that rabbits are easy to rear because they don’t consume much food. They also take just little time to grow up. They also have a very good and tasty meat that makes it easy to be marketed.


Crop planting management is quite a difficult  thing. However, it can still be handled.
1.  You have to be sure of the kind of crop you want to plant. eg, annual, bi-annual or perennial. 
2. You have to consider the labor factor. That is those that will clear the ground, till, plant and harvest and  also market.
3. You also have to know how to budget your farming very well. like, the number of a particular crop you want to produce and the amount you want to spend and the amount of chemicals you want to buy also. 


1.  It  helps farmers not to run into unnecessary loss.
2. it helps agriculturists to have record of their farming.
3. agricultural management helps famers to have a better knowledge of what they want to venture into.

In conclusion, agricultural management is a practice that can not be overlooked. It is very important to practice in agriculture. Proper agricultural management leads to good agricultural practice and yields good income.

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