Afro Candy Biography, Career And Net Worth

Afro Candy Biography, Career And Net Worth

Afro Candy Songs, Age, Facebook, Biography & Net Worth

Afro Candy is a gifted actress, director, producer, singer-songwriter, model, and pornographic actress from Nigeria. She started Invisible Twins Productions, where she currently serves as chief executive officer. Afro Candy is a dedicated and determined actor who clearly knows her goals and pursues them. Though things weren’t as straightforward as one may have hoped, as the days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, the Nigerian Nollywood actor gained confidence after starring in multiple Nollywood films and performing diverse parts.

Afro Candy Biography

Afro Candy is indigenous to Imo State, the city of Umuduruebo Ugiri-ike, and the Ikeduru Local Governing Body in Imo State. As a young adult in school, she had a strong passion for acting, but after entering college, she lost interest. She earned a degree in Office Administration in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. In addition, she received training as a fireguard and security officer.

Afro Candy Career

She was then spotted by modeling agency King George Models and inspired to pursue acting, however she began her career as a model and appeared in advertisements for companies such as Coca-Cola, Nixoderm, Liberia GSM, and others. She pursued a career in television, but she was given mainly tiny roles. 2004 was a turning point for her as she made her first significant film appearance as Susan in “Dangerous Sisters,” directed by Obi Obinali. She has also played Nneoma, a country girl, in End of the Game and Jezebel in Dwelling in Darkness and Sorrow.

Afro Candy traveled to the United States to meet her husband, for whom she had two children. After two years of living together, they parted ways. Mazagwu has also done tiny roles in a number of Hollywood films, including Destructive Instinct, How Did I Get Here, Ordeal in Paradise, and The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs. As a musical artist, Afro Candy released her first song titled “Somebody Help Me” in 2009, followed by her debut studio album which generated the notable hit “Ikebe Na Moni.” In 2011, she released the single “Voodoo-Juju Woman.”

In addition to performing and singing, Mazagwu is a medical billing and coding specialist.

Afro Candy Movies

She has appeared in a number of Nollywood movies, some of which are listed below.

  • Dwelling in Darkness and Sorrow
  • Dangerous Sisters (2004)
  • The Real Player
  • End Of The Game (2004)
  • Between Love
  • Heaven Must Shake
  • My Experience
  • Ghetto Crime
  • Beyond Green Pastures
  • Destructive Instinct
  • Queen of Zamunda

Afro Candy Social Media Platform (Facebook)

If you’re a fan of the Nigerian celebrity Afro Candy and would like to follow her or even contact her, you may do so via her Facebook page, in addition to the Instagram and Twitter handles listed below.

Afro Candy Birthday, Age & Year

Afro Candy was conceived on June 12, 1971. Currently, the Nollywood star is 50 years old. She recently celebrated with family, friends, colleagues, and fans from throughout the country. What appeared to have surprised many was the growth of her fan base; this demonstrates how popular the Nollywood star has been. She is internationally recognized for the variety of roles she has played. She has also garnered the respect of followers around the nation due to her reserved attitude and her unique approach to doing things. Her Instagram following has risen dramatically over the years.

Afro Candy Net Worth – $ 4.5 Million

In recent years, Afro Candy’s net worth has increased dramatically. She is reported to have a net worth of roughly $4.5 million. The outstanding actress has been in a number of films that have garnered huge box office success. Afro Candy has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. She will be remembered as one of Nollywood’s finest actresses for many years to come.

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