Bobrisky Biography, Career And Net Worth

Bobrisky Biography, Career And Net Worth

Bobrisky Biography, Arrested, Background, Real Name, Parents, Gender, Relationships, Age, Net Worth, House

Bobrisky, a well-liked cross-dresser, has become as one of Nigeria’s most polarizing celebrities.

When he’s not grabbing attention for his extravagant lifestyle, he stirs up controversy everywhere he goes and leaves his fans in the dark regarding his sexual orientation.

The life of Bobrisky reads like a melodrama, full of highs and lows.

Whether you like Bobrisky or not, he cannot be stopped.

Bobrisky Fraud

Popular transgender influence and socialite Bobrisky has allegedly been arrested for committing fraud…
Bobrisky, a well-known transgender socialite and influencer, is supposedly under arrest for fraud.

According to Punch, the Instagram celebrity was detained in Lekki, Lagos after a woman who has not been named accused her of using fraud to fraudulently obtain N3 million.

According to Police spokesperson Frank Mba,

“Bobrisky was detained but later released on bail; even though he is no longer in our care, an investigation is ongoing. He was detained after a businesswoman accused him of defrauding her out of N3 million.”

She’s been detained before, so this is not the first time.

Who is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky first became well-known on Snapchat. His fans adored his colorful demeanor, and he quickly rose to fame online.

On other social media sites, he increased his fanbase, and the rest is history. But Bobrisky is more than just pricey wigs and gorgeous designer clothing.

Businessman Bobrisky has a number of businesses under his belt, including a clothing store and his own eyelash brand, dubbed Bob Wings.

His business, Bobrisky Skincare, also offers a variety of cosmetics, such as creams that brighten the skin.

Bobrisky real name

The real name of Bobrisky is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He goes by the name Bobrisky in defiance of all his critics, some of whom have gone so far as to label him demon-possessed.

Because he frequently dressed women’s clothing, he was given the nickname Bobo, which is used to indicate someone who is “strange” or “silly.” His actions were perceived as dangerous by some.

He created the term Bobrisky for her celebrity persona by combining the words “bobo” and “risky.”

Bobrisky Parents

Bobrisky was created in Lagos’ Ebute-Metta.

Father had three women while living in a polygamous marriage. The father of Bobrisky supported his lifestyle and urged him to make the best decision for himself.

At first, his mother did not embrace his feminine side. In multiple interviews, Bobrisky said that she had once dispatched “hoodlums to manhandle” him. She did, however, embrace her son for who he was before she passed away in 2008.

Bobrisky Gender

The gender of Bobrisky has been the topic of much discussion. Does Bobrisky have a gender? Bobrisky is he transgender? Bobrisky – gay? These are the issues that he keeps wondering about.

Bobrisky identifies as a crossdresser and claims to have been born a guy. “She/Her” is how LGBTQI+ activists refer to Bobrisky. Many have questioned whether Bobrisky has undergone surgery to change his gender, although he has stated in multiple interviews that he has no desire to change his gender physically.

He refers to Bobrisky as a “character” rather than a female.
He takes this character seriously. In May 2019, Bobrisky was spotted sporting a false silicone breastplate, which is common among drag queens.

Although Bobrisky occasionally identified as transgender in his Instagram captions, it is not thought that he has undertaken any long-term transformation to become a woman. It’s not surprising that Bobrisky keeps his sexual orientation a mystery.

Nigeria has strict anti-gay laws that might land him in jail for many years.

Bobrisky Relationships

Additionally confusing his followers is Bobrisky’s dating history. When he dresses as a lady, he frequently receives compliments from guys, although he appears to solely date females.

He revealed in 2018 that he was in a committed relationship with a London-based woman. She supposedly comprehends his way of life, and they both wanted to get married someday. If they are still dating, it’s unclear.

Bobrisky’s Age

Bobrisky is believed to have been born on August 31, 1992, making him 27 years old.

Some have claimed that he is lying about his age because he appears much older than 27. Put it down to all the makeup he uses to become a woman!

Bobrisky net worth

While some find his manner of life repulsive and others can’t help but make fun of his appearance, Bobrisky is the only one who is laughing all the way to the bank.

According to several sources, Bobrisky’s net worth ranges from $75 million to $500 million.