Starting a Profitable Carrot farming -Step by Step Guide

Carrot farming
Carrot farming

In this article, we will discuss the profitability and suitability of Carrot farming in Nigeria. This has been narrowed down to give beginners enough courage to become millionaire carrot farmers in the near future.

The health benefit of carrots is unrivaled and that is the reason it is popular in Nigeria and it also shows the importance of carrot farming. However, the demand for this crop is more than the supply and the farmers needed in this market are much less than the present ones.

If you are a farmer or investor and you have the ability to go into carrot farming, then if it is better you do so. The continuous demand can not be subdued by the farmers and a prominent help from any carrot is worth being grateful. Hence there is a need for carrot farming in Nigeria

For this reason, I have written this guide to tell you how you can start your own carrot business without any issue in Nigeria.

How Carrot Farming Works

Site selection and land preparation for Carrot Farming

Carrot is a crop that grows by the rules of certain factors. If those factors are satisfied, it grows well and faster. However, the other way is worst for the growth of any Carrot plant.

Choose an adequate site that supports the growth of carrots easily. The temperature of that site should be between 16 to 20 °C to improve the growth pattern of the crops. Also, the ph of the area should be a bit acidic if you are planning efficient and healthy growth.

Also, make sure that you are making use of dry land with good drainage. Swampy areas, rocky or stoney areas do not support the growth of carrots. Clear the land and keep it fit from stones, pebbles and obstruction for the root of the crop.

After which you can now start plowing ridges on your farm. These ridges should be plowed higher than normal because the root of the carrot needs a lot of support.

Finally apply fertilizer or organic manure for like 2 weeks before planting. This would help the crops to reach its maximum tendency within a limited period of time.

Planting carrot

Seeds are sprinkled on the ridges and then covered with maize leaves or seeds to prevent pickling by birds. If you expose them to birds, most will be fed on. After playing, make sure that you irrigate your farm 24 hours later.

After some days, germination begins and at this point you need to remove those maize leaves used in covering the seeds. You can now support young seedlings with stalks until they are matured enough to stand alone without any issue. Also, you should make sure that your take thing and pruning of the seedlings seriously. This will improve even growth and fast development if the carrots.

Nevertheless, the roots of carrots need a lot of support from the soil. You should add more soil to its root when it’s growing to keep it erect during growth.

Practice Adequate Farm practice & Irrigation

Irrigation is an important for every crops. If there is a good and adequate water availability process, then irrigation shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you are lucky to have your farm near a river, stream, lake or any other free natural water bodies.

If your case is to go for artificial irrigation please do that. Your carrot must not lack water especially in the first week of planting. However, avoid over wetting the carrot farm.

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Picture Credit: Markus Spiske 

Weeding the carrot farm

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow on your farm. They manage the small space which the roots of your carrot should have covered hence depriving them of certain nutrients and space. They are ready to compete with your crops and if you are not ready for them, you will lose your farm.

So, the best you can do is to get them out as soon as you notice them growing. They are surely going to grow but do not let them have the capacity to subdue your farm. This is an issue you might not be able to control later on. Well, you can use chemicals and plants to make removal of weeds easy.

Disease and pest Control of Carrot Farming

Disease and pests should be prevented from setting out on your farm. These, just like weeds, are another agent which are ready to destroy your farm. Having them in your farm would possibly mean that you would manage reduced yield at the end of the year.

However, they are not so stubborn if you are actually ready for them. You can use pesticides and related chemicals to eradicate these weeds and diseases. Prevent them frkm entering your farm by keeping it clean and most importantly remove weeds or unwanted plants. Weeds harbor a lot of diseases while some are fed on by pests. A time will come when they will come directly to your own crop.

Harvesting Carrots

Carrots are harvested when the root has reached a minimum of 1.8 cm at the root or at the upper part of the crop. This time your carrots are now worth harvesting, distribution and marketing. So, to harvest, just loosen the soil a bit to get the carrot out.

Carrots can be stored in create or bags before you can wash them. Then wash, arrange them by size in a create and market them.


For the fact that carrots are crops that are in high demand and low supply, you can easily make a lot of money from them. You can sell from your farm gate directly. It doesn’t take any effort to do that.

Make sure your carrot farming marketing strategy is good enough to sell most of your carrots to avoid leaving them to spoil.

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