Chizzy Alichi Biography, Career And Net Worth

Chizzy Alichi Biography, Career And Net Worth

Chizzy Alichi Husband, Biography, Age, And Net Worth

Her full name is Chizzy Alichi Mbah, but she is known as Chizzy by her coworkers and fans. This article has been made extremely detailed because it contains firsthand information about the actress’s biography, personal life, marriage, child, age, and phone number, as well as all other pertinent information. Obviously, Chizzy has had a significant impact on the Nigerian film industry.

Chizzy, being the modest individual that she is, has learned a great deal from her more experienced colleagues in the Nollywood industry. Chizzy Alichi is also a dedicated and determined actress who clearly knows what she wants and pursues it. However, she bemoaned how difficult things were before she entered the profession. As the adage goes, “Time is a healer,” and nothing lasts forever, she gained confidence after appearing in multiple Nollywood films and playing diverse roles.

Chizzy Alichi Biography

Chizzy Alichi is one of the most gorgeous, brilliant, and voluptuous Nigerian Nollywood actors. She was born into a very modest household on December 23, 1993. Chizzy is from the Enugu county of Ezza Nkwubor Nike. She is the last of her parents’ children. Before joining the Nollywood industry, she attended primary and secondary school in her home state of Enugu, where she earned her primary and secondary school diplomas, respectively.

Chizzy Alichi Career

Chizzy joined Nollywood by chance in 2010 after registering with the Actors Guild of Nigeria and applying for a role in a movie, Magic Money, starring Mercy Johnson and Bob-Manuel Udokwu. She received her first role in the film. After starring alongside Emma Emordi and Yul Edochie in the 2016 film Akaraoku, which means “hot akara,” the Enugu state-born actress rose to prominence. After achieving the necessary fame, she has appeared in over 50 films to date.

List of Chizzy Alichi Movies Till Date (year)

Chizzy Alichi joined the Nigerian film industry years ago and has since acted several hit movies. Some of which are:

  1. Scars of a Mother
  2. Cry of a Witch
  3. Ojadili
  4. My Story
  5. Sins of a Woman
  6. Attitude
  7. Back From Lagos
  8. Mothers Dirty Secret
  9. My Love My Shame
  10. From a Thug To a Queen
  11. Independent Women
  12. Do Good Nwakpaka
  13. My Story
  14. Power of Madness. And so many more which are not listed here

Chizzy has gained popularity due to her ability to flawlessly perform any role. Numerous directors in the industry have praised her versatility and adaptability, which makes working with her already enjoyable.

Chizzy is believed to have collaborated with notable film industry figures such as Yul Edochie, Ebele Okaro, Mercy Johnson, Ngozi Ezeonu, and Destiny Etiko. She has remained relevant and active in the industry.

Chizzy Alichi Husband (Chike Ugochukwu)

In September of 2019, Chizzy joyfully wed Chike Ugochukwu. Their wedding was the talk of the town since big Nollywood stars and other major celebrities attended. After the wedding, she and her handsome husband headed out to Dubai for their honeymoon, where she inundated her timeline with mouth-watering photographs of every event so her fans wouldn’t miss out.

Chizzy Alichi’s Age (28years)

Chizzy Alichi was born on December 23rd, 1993. She will turn 28 on March 3 of this year. As has always been her custom, she will celebrate with her husband, family, friends, colleagues, and fans across the country, as well as donate to those in need. Fans should stay glued to that date, as she will be posting a plethora of beautiful photos on her Instagram timeline.

Chizzy Alichi’s Net Worth (2022) – $300,000

Chizzy Alichi Mbah is one of the most influential people in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $300,000 along with a number of exceptional, eye-catching films that have garnered massive sales, not to mention several endorsement deals, the most recent of which is with @cutemisianoskincare.

Chizzy Alichi is one of the few Nigerian actresses who have already left their mark on the Nigerian film industry, given how influential she has been over the past few years. Having said all of this, Chizzy Alichi’s personal life, career, and numerous other accomplishments in the past have made her so well-known in Nigeria and Africa that she is widely recognized there.

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