How to Start Okra Farming – A Complete Guide

How to Start Okra Farming
How to Start Okra Farming

This article is a guide to okra farming. Okra is one primitive crop that is part of the African identity. It is one of the primary vegetables that is cultivated in Nigeria. One of the best alternatives for jute leave is okra. In Nigeria, it is eaten with Jute leaf.

Many don’t know it is a lucrative investment that they can start right now. Although many people plant it at the back of the house, when it is grown on a commercial basis it is a millionaire investment.

Okra farming can be done almost everywhere in Nigeria. The supply is just as good as the supply. Perhaps if we can put more effort, there are neighboring countries that need okra which we can export to. Their supply is low and that is the reason they need okra. It is also a way to manage an Ikea farm without any issue and that is the reason the Hausa are putting a lot of effort in doing their work.


In Nigeria, okra has very high demand and the supply is not that balanced with it. We still need more farmers and investors to go into okra farming in Nigeria. If possible everyone should have an okra farm at the back of their house.

Outside Nigeria, okra is very lucrative. It is very important in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Europe and America can not be left out of this because the demand is not that high from there. So, the best we can do is to make sure we put more effort into this crop in order to be able to sell to other countries, generate even more revenue and become a giant in the international market.

The Return Of ROI on okra is high and fast. Within a year it can be harvested and this means you can start once again within that same year. Within 2 years, you can have up to 3 okra harvest and make a lot of money from it.

The Economic Importance of Okra

  1. Okra contain fiber which helps to dissolve and manage fiber contents in our body. Hence, this is a super heart loving food.
  2. It is an edible food
  3. It enhances the speed of bone development in the body.
  4. Okra helps to improve the face when it is mixed with lemon juice and used to clean the face.
  5. It contains vitamin C, a very good agent for making the body respiratory organ healthy.
  6. It is used for improving thd immunity of the body.

Step by step guide for okra farming

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Discover A Suitable Site Land Preparation for Okra Farming

The most important part is to have a suitable site and good land for planting okra. Okra should not be planted in water logged soil even though it can adapt to several kinds of factors on a Sandy loamy soil with good drainage.

But before that, you have to clear the land using hoe or machines. Then you soften the soil using harrows. Also make sure the topography of the land is good enough to prevent water logging. If you can not make the land smooth enough , then you should consider a steeped slope.


First of all, purchase the best seeds that will work very well for okra planting so that you would not lose your yield during harvest. Soak that seed in water in order to ascertain a very good harvest.

The soil must be fertile and drained when you want to start the planting. Also note that okra can be planted on both yield and direct land. Make sure that you cover the soil with land after you have started planting. The temperature requirement for planting is between 15 C to 20 C. All these factors must be taken as important if you are planning to make a profitable harvest. Okra should start germination after about r days after planting.

Irrigation System for okra farming

Make sure you set up a good irrigation and watering system. This is the best thing you can do for your farm during that dry season. If you really want to have adequate yield then watering is very important. Most vegetable crops can adapt to less rainfall patterns but they need sufficient water to grow well.

The next step for you is to apply manure or fertilizer to boost the soil nutrients. Okra needs a lot of nitrogen to survive. And this is only gotten from application of manure and fertilizer. After fruiting has begun you can wait a bit until this is going to be started again.


After 2 month of okra planting, the next step is to harvest. At this time the okra fruit has finally developed very well but not mature.

After harvesting, dry your okra and save it in a warm container or cartoon. With this it can save up to 3 years without getting damaged. Also, you can slice the okra into Pieces and then dry them under the soil.


This is one crop that can be grown within a year and harvested in that same year. This means that a lot of profit is in this business.

It is also cost effective because you can plant a single seed and a lot of yields will be made from it. This is one crop that can be dried, stored and sold for later use. This is unlike other vegetable crops which will reduce in value once dry or even decay when it is dry.

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