Deji Adeleke (Davido’ Father) Biography, Career And Net Worth

Deji Adeleke’s (Davido’ Father) Biography, Career And Net Worth

Davido’s Father

The international businessman Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, who was born in the state of Osun, is the father of one of Nigeria’s most popular musicians, David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido. In addition to being a businessman, oil magnate, philanthropist, and president of one of the most popular private institutions in the country, Adeleke University (one of the private universities with the lowest tuition cost), Dr. Deji Adeleke is also among the wealthiest individuals in Nigeria.

He has the Midas touch; every business he invests in succeeds. Many credit this to his political connections; nonetheless, we cannot help but respect his approach to business. In an interview, he stated that every firm must have a philosophy and strategy (secret) that must be closely guarded in order to remain competitive.

List of Davido’s Father’s Companies

  1. Pacific Drilling Company Limited
  2. Pacific Farms Limited
  3. Inter-trade Warehousing Limited
  4. Junior Ventures Limited
  5. Pacific Freight-liners Limited
  6. Pacific Gas Company Limited

According to Bloomberg, the aforementioned companies are listed under Pacific Holdings Limited, a conglomerate worth over $500 million.

Dr Deji Adeleke’s Biography

Dr. Deji Adeleke was born on March 6, 1957, was married to Dr. Mrs. Vero Adeleke, who died away in 2013, and is the father of three children: Adewale Adeleke, Sharon Adeleke, and David Adeleke (Davido).

Few are aware of the authority invested in his persona. Dr. Deji Adeleke was unknown until Davido became a superstar, and only a select few were aware of the power and finances he held. In fact, during the early stages of Davido’s rise to fame, his house became a haven for up-and-coming celebrities. As an introvert, he purchased Davido’s first home to prevent the influx of unfamiliar faces.

Dr. Deji Adeleke is an introvert by nature and a man of few words, but he is a dynamic businessman. He has commercial interests in practically every sector of the economy, including hospitality, oil and gas, shares in one of Nigeria’s largest telecommunications companies, farming, etc.

He is a force to be reckoned with, despite not being a politician by birth, because he has a good grasp of state and federal political operations.

Davido’s Father’s Net-worth (His Properties & Business Empire)

As a gentleman with refined tastes, Dr. Deji Adeleke owns properties around the country and beyond. He owns a 400 million Naira state-of-the-art property on Banana Island, a multimillion-naira home worth over 400 million Naira in Lekki, landed properties in prominent cities, buildings in Abuja, and other prime locations in Nigeria and other African nations.

It is possible for an international businessman to acquire homes overseas, particularly in nations where he conducts business. All of Dr. Deji Adeleke’s children were born in a multimillion-dollar mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, which he owns.


Davido’s (Dr. Deji Adeleke) father’s (Dr. Deji Adeleke) private plane was the subject of recent speculations that he was expecting its delivery. When questioned about his ability to finance a private jet, not just any private jet, but one worth over $45 million (approximately 16.2 billion Naira), an amount we know OBO cannot afford on his own, he claimed that what belongs to his father also belongs to him, so in essence, his father’s private jet is not Davido’s private jet, but rather a family asset.

Dr. Deji Adeleke currently possesses two (2) private planes, exotic automobiles, landed properties dispersed throughout Nigeria and abroad, has created an enduring legacy for future generations, etc.

He is a shrewd businessman who applies discipline not just to his career but also to his nuclear family. Davido is able to continue his university degree and participate in the NYSC scheme, despite the celebrity and financial advantages associated with his lifestyle. Due to his father’s perspective on discipline, he was able to control his excesses, and he and his siblings are now better off and more respected despite their ages.