Diamond Okechi Biography And Net Worth

Diamond Okechi Biography And Net Worth

Diamond Okechi Biography, Movies, Age & Net Worth (2023)

Alobam is the screen name for renowned Nollywood actor Diamond Okechi. In the film Enemy in the House, he first appeared. He first gained notoriety when he was cast in the hugely successful film “Alobam Nwa Aguleri.” Since then, Diamond has been in more than 100 Nollwood productions.

Diamond Okechi’s Biography

The family of Mr. Emmanuel Okechi and Mrs. Vivian Obiamma Okechi welcomed a son named Diamond, the second of their six children. He was born in the Anambra state municipality of Ogbaru Lo Al.

Diamond completed his basic and secondary education at Ajoa Grammar School in Lagos State. After graduating from Ajoa Grammar School, he continued on to Federal Polytechnic Nekede, where he earned his National Diploma.

After making his film debut in 2007’s “Enemy in the House,” Diamond went on to star in the box office smash “Alobam Nwa Aguleri.” Since then, Diamond has appeared in over 80 films, sharing the screen with actors like Michael Zubby, Regina Daniels, Pope Jr., Ngozi Ezeonu, Harry B., Larry Koldsweat, Pete Edochie, etc. In his position, Diamond is incredibly inventive and imaginative. He produced the film “Agaba Idu,” which marked his production debut. This explains how Diamond Have Star gradually rose to prominence as a household name. Nigeria and all of Africa are familiar with Diamond Ikechi.

Acting has always been Diamond’s passion, which accounts for his excellent and gifted acting abilities. He began his profession at the bottom and worked his way up the ranks in the business. One of the best actors in the Nigerian film industry is the Nollywood actor.

The Liberian government honored Diamond with the coveted title of “Best Creative Actor” in 2017 for his amazing acting and innovative acting technique.

Diamond Okechi’s Movies

With persistence and consistency over time, Ikechi rose to the position of leading man in a number of high-caliber films in which he appeared with eminent actors like Ngozi Ezeonu, Chiwetalu Agu, Yul Edochie, Mike Ezuruonye, Sylvester Madu, Zubby Michael, and other top performers.

He has gained the admiration of his admirers all throughout the country for the flawless way in which he performs his many different characters, whether they are that of a prince from a royal family, a poor farmer, or any other that the film director may have assigned to him. The well-known actor has recently appeared in more classic films with strong cultural roots. The following is a list of films in which the well-known actor has appeared:

The Expendables, Primitive, Hostage, Isioma, Game of Thrones, Isioma, Agumba the Warrior, and so forth.

With his superb portrayals of roles, Okechi has been able to establish a niche for himself in the Nollywood business. In more than 50 films, he has appeared, including The Hostage, Isioma, Game of Thrones, The Expendables, Primitive, Agumba The Warrior, and others.

Additionally, he has collaborated with several of the best performers in the nation, including Mike Ezuruonye, Sylvester Madu, Zubby Michael, and many others.

Okechi has received many honors, including the Best Creator Actor Award from the Liberian government.

Diamond Okechi’s Age

The 19th of January 1974 saw the birth of Diamond Okechi. In 2023, the Nollywood actor will be 47 years old. The well-known Igbo actor recently celebrated his birthday at home and online with family, friends, colleagues, and admirers from all over the country. Because it was his first day of existence, this day will always hold a particular place in his heart.

Diamond Okechi’s Net Worth (2023) – $ 200,000

With an estimated net worth of approximately $ 200,000 and a number of outstanding, attention-grabbing films that have generated tremendous sales, not to mention multiple endorsement deals and businesses as well, the renowned actor is one of the most influential in Nigeria.

Given her prominence in recent years, Diamond Okechi is one of the few Nigerian actors to have already had an impact on the country’s film industry. After all of this, Diamond Okechi is so well-known in Nigeria and around Africa due to his personal life, career, and numerous other past accomplishments.

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