3 differences between Traditional Agriculture and Modern Agriculture

differences between Traditional Agriculture and Modern Agriculture
differences between Traditional Agriculture and Modern Agriculture

There are lots of differences between traditional agriculture and modern agriculture. This can be noticed in the various technological advancements and growth of different animal and plant breeds.

Before the inception of the 19th century, the world has been experiencing the tenders of difficult tasks in agriculture. The schedule of going to farm very early with how’s and cutlass changed immediately in the 19th century. This early morning work on farms is the resultant cause of many of those men those days could not stand straight when it got to a time. Also, this postural defect they have suffered on their small piece of farmland land result in early distortion and restoration of their physical beings.

However, the solution is clear and significant. Immediately technology started entering into agriculture, agriculture became something that interested everyone. It is no more a dirty job. With the tractors, bulldozers and other machines, the result gotten from farming improved rapidly. Even though it wasn’t an easy task, it was a fast one to take.

You see, modern agriculture has a wild impact around the world. If there we’re no digital and technological innovations are introduced to agriculture, then the result we are getting today might be dead low. Remember, it took more than 19 centuries for the population of the world to get to a billion. Guess what we have now, more than 7 billion. Who will farm for this 7 billion? How will their food consumption be secure? 

Now that you are getting to understand what modern agriculture has done to the Agric market, you need to know the in-depth difference between this two apart from just digital transformations and technological innovation. So, to keep you together about the main difference between this two, we have been able to bring together a solid article to help you know the difference between the past and the present.

Differences between traditional agriculture and modern agriculture

1. Technology and Supplement: In the olden days, the normal range of help the farmers can get on their farm is just with their hoes and cutlass. Yet, they will still be very fagged up and sometimes, even fed up. Yes, it’s their job but they ought not to get overused to it. This is a reason new machines are coming to help. The machines only require servicing and fuel, any other thing might be a minor fault. But humans, the farmers, don’t get it easy on themselves. As explained before, tractors and harvests have taken place of things. You can always weed with a feeder and so many practices going on underneath.

Modern agriculture uses advanced technology and machines to drive results from the farms during harvest times. While traditional agriculture does not do the same for you. You can only work hard and tedious with hoes, matches and cutlass but you can never imagine what you will get there to what you will get now.

2. Productivity and output: Times without number, machines have shown a very spectacular working feature than man. They can work for a year without break down if properly monitored. They can be on the farm for far too long and still get a perfect result. This is because they are already aware of any urgent recurrence that might come up.

Traditional agriculture doesn’t allow studying the climate and knowing the next step to take. However these tools are ready made, a hit climate will need irrigation, the plan would have been ok ground for it. The modern method of managing plants and livestock is very unique and it comprises a careful process. There is a detailed study of the environment and plants to avoid any uncommon problem. So, there is an opportunity to get ready for anything that is cooking up as soon as possible.

3. Research process: The modern lifestyle is mostly covered by detailed and guaranteed research mechanisms. It is from this research processes that new idea comes up. Such as new seeds are formed from varieties, gene mutation for animals. Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals are gotten from this process of identification and studying of things.

Computer and artificial intelligence also made this easy. Animals can easily be diagnosed anytime and plants can easily be cured of any disease. So, to improve yield and production, another important place to look at is the hybrid which is gotten from crossing two different species of the same animals or the use of hybrid plants for production.

The differences between Traditional agriculture and modern agriculture can be seen in the fact that it has a high output to guarantee the feeding of the minute population of the formal people. But the 21st Century changed everything with more than 7 billion people who need to be fed. Productivity needs to improve to guarantee the survival of everyone as well.

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