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DO YOU AGREE? 99% Of Successful Nigerian Pastors Can’t Succeed In Abroad (See Why)

You know Africans (mostly Nigerians) believed that traveling abroad is the only possible and available means to escape poverty.

Do you agree with that?

I stumbled upon a video of a Nigerian pastor, lashing his fellow pastors who think traveling abroad would make them richer and successful.

But how possible is that?

In Nigeria most of these men of God prayer points and prophecy is all about “Village People”(witches and wizards) and the bad Nigeria economy.

But in foreign countries nothing like that. No village people or witches and wizards. The system is working perfectly fine for everyone. So what would be their prayers and prophecy over there?

Someone like Bishop Oyedepo who focuses on tithes and offerings gospel, cannot survive in abroad. They believe in hard work over there, not some mysterious miracle money.

So you see, most Nigerian men of God cannot succeed in abroad.

99% Of Successful Nigerian Pastors Can’t Succeed In Abroad -DO YOU AGREE?


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