Windows 10 and Windows 11 – How to Fix ‘Bad System Config Info’ Error

Windows 10 and Windows 11
Windows 10 and Windows 11

This article is about How to Fix ‘Bad System Config Info’ Error in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Bad system configuration error in Windows is another unscrupulous error that can be avoided and solved. It is caused by a mix up within the BCD files and older files in the system. This error didn’t start with windows 10 or 11, it’s been recurring on windows 7, 8 and 9. 

It’s not like these errors can be solved but most don’t know what to do when they see this.  This is the reason we are going to explain the whole process of solving this Bad system configuration info error on your windows. 

Causes of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 error; Incorrect system configuration information

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the result of having a Bad System configuration info error. This is usually caused by windows having trouble processing files and programs.  But before this, there were a series of underground processes that would be in charge of windows not working well on something. Some of which are:

1. Installing a certain program updates

2. Damaged RAM memory 

3. Faulty hard drive

4. Issues with the system driver. 

5. Bad system driver

6. Malwares and defective programs

Even if this error might look system like,  some have their root cause directly from us. So,  we are to find a way to solve this issue. 

Ways to correct the error

Restart your computer

The first method to solve any problem on any device is to restart the device or rather power off and leave it to power on itself after a while. This is very popular and might be what your system needs to work immediately.  After you are done restarting your system,  check for that error once again and see if this error still pops up.  

Update Window

If you are still getting this error,  then you might need to update windows on your system.  Check if there is an update you have to attend to.  To do this,  click “Windows + I”, then you go to update and security.  If you have any pending updates,  you will see here.  If there is any, install the updates and see if you are able to solve this issue.  

Uninstall Windows update

Sometimes, it might not be the other way. We might have recently installed certain pending updates and it would keep breaking our system.  It is better for you to uninstall the windows update before it is too late.  This is one of the causes of issues that would completely damage your hard disk.  To do this,  you go to “settings or tap windows + I”, then you proceed with selecting “security and update”, then you go to view update history.  From there,  the recent update should be uninstalled in order to stop this error from progressing.  

Update or Reinstall Drivers

When you drivers are outdated,  you have to update it in order to keep it working efficiently.  However, you should never make the mistake of installing drivers that are not worth it or accommodating one driver that isn’t compatible with your system.  It is one of those causes of Bad system configuration info.  It’s either you remove a driver that is not compatible or update a driver that requires one. 

You can solve this issue from your device manager window where you can go to Action > Scan for hardware changes. Look out for any yellow mark which signifies there is hardware to be updated or uninstalled.  Then you can now reinstall the system and try to keep it working once again.

bcdedit command

If the configuration code in your memory is wrong, then this error might pop up.  It might not even allow you to access your windows.  This might even make you lose your file if you can’t act fast. 

So,  to resolve this issue, try this steps:

1. Tap on start on your keyboard

2. Go to power,  then hold down Shift and click Restart.

3. In another pop up menu,  choose “troubleshoot”

4. Go to “advanced option” in the troubleshoot page. 

5. Select command prompt from that section

6. After which the system will restart and a blue screen signifying command prompt will be shown.  Follow the same steps you use in sign in to your system

7. Enter this code : 

“bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc

bcdedit/deletevalue{default}truncatememory” on the filling page.  

8. Restart system once again. 

System Restore

Oops,  you have followed me to this spot and it is time for you to restore your system back to factory settings in order to clear all this error. But before doing that,  you need to back up all files or information either in the cloud or on your hardware storage devices. 

1. Go to start, then to power 

2. Hold down shift and select restart 

3. Go to troubleshoot 

4. Then select system restore 

5. Sign in your computer accounts

6. Finally click next for your system to restart. 


Everyday we get new valid updates about windows. Hence,  this are helping to eliminate errors we have noticed on the system before. However, this results in more errors we might not know about.  

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