Faithia Balogun Biography, And Net Worth

Faithia Balogun Biography, And Net Worth

Faithia Balogun Age, Husband, Biography & Net Worth (2023)

Nigerian actress, director, producer, and filmmaker Faithia Williams. The seasoned actor has had a significant impact on Nigerian industry. She is undoubtedly someone that her younger coworkers would want to receive correction from, and as a result, she has gained the utmost respect from her peers.

Faithia Balogun Biography

Faithia, who was born in Ikeja in February 1969 and is of Delta State ancestry, Before going to Kwara State Polytechnic, where she earned a diploma certificate, she attended Maryland Grade School and Maryland Comprehensive School in Lagos State. There, she earned the West African School Certificate.

Over the years, Williams has acted in, produced, and directed a number of Nigerian movies. She received the 2008 Africa Film Academy Award for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actress, and her film Iranse Aje was named the greatest indigenous film of the year. She and Odunlade Adekola, who won the award for outstanding actor of the year, jointly took home the Africa Movie Academy Award in April 2014. At the 2015 Africa-Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards AMVCA, she also got the simplest Indigenous Language: Yoruba award for the contribution that eliminated the film Iya Alalake.

Williams has a daughter and a son from her previous marriage to legendary nollywood actor Saheed Balogun. She has a son from a previous relationship as well.

Fathia Balogun Movies

The movie star has acted in several of Nollywood’s best films, some of which are listed here;

  1. Farayola (2009)
  2. Aje metta (2008)
  3. Aje metta 2 (2008)
  4. Awawu (2015)[10]
  5. Teni Teka (2015)
  6. Omo Ale (2015)
  7. Agbelebu Mi (2016)
  8. Basira Badia (2016)
  9. Adakeja (2016)
  10. Eku Eda (2016)
  11. MY WOMAN (2018)

Faithia Balogun Husband

Faithia Zenabu Williams wed Saidi (also known as Saheed) Balogun in Lagos on September 7, 2000. When Saheed Balogun, who was born on February 5, 1967, married Fathia, who had just started to look for her footing in Nollywood, he already had 22 years of acting experience under his belt. Saidi had already been married to Sherifat (Serifat) Balogun; this was their second union. that Zinnat and Jamal, their two children, were born to them. According to certain stories, Fathia’s marriage to this man was not her first. Although we are unsure of the identity of her first husband, we do know that she had a daughter with him. The couple initially gave off the impression of being pleasant and content. The couple welcomed Khalid, their first child, on July 11, 2002. Their daughter Aaliyah was born on April 3, 2005, several years later. All appeared to be in order. That wasn’t the case, though; Fathia and Saheed abruptly called it quits in March 2006.

Needless to say, nobody is aware of what took place. While some claim that Fathia was cheating on Saheed, others contend that the situation was reversed. Some even go so far as to claim that both of them have previously been unfaithful. But here’s the thing: even though they stopped living together in 2006, they didn’t get divorced until 2014. The couple has been estranged for a while, but they have frequently been in the news because of another issue. Despite the fact that Saheed was still legally wed to his wife, there have been rumors that he afterwards wed another woman. Saheed being a Muslim, nevertheless, that might not be shocking.

Numerous media outlets claimed that Saidi dated Funke Adesiyan and Funke Elegushi during the interim period leading up to their separation and subsequent divorce. Another rumor that Fathia and Saheed were reconciling surfaced in 2014, according to someone. Faithia didn’t refute them, claiming that technically she was still Saidi’s wife in one of her interviews. However, Saheed exposed them and disproved them for all time, which eliminated any hope of them reconciling. Soon after, the couple’s divorce documents were obtained by the media. It was revealed that Saheed originally filed for divorce in April 2013.

Judge O.O. Atilade finally granted the divorce on January 17, 2014, thereby annulling Faithia and Saidi’s marriage. The latter was granted permission to visit his children anytime he pleased. Faithia insisted that she would not be allowed to change her children’s surname because she and her husband had shared it up until the day of their divorce. She has since adopted her family name, despite the fact that people still frequently refer to her as Faithia Balogun. How are their current relations? As of February 2017, tensions between the 2 still existed. Saidi didn’t invite Fathia to his 50th birthday as evidence of this. He didn’t even invite their kids to the party, in actuality. Instead, he enjoyed it with a few dozen other visitors as well as his first wife and their two children. In order to be clear, Saheed doesn’t seem to be currently dating anyone. He is constantly surrounded by lovely ladies, but none have won his heart. He had reportedly been dating Funke Sofowora at one point between 2015 and 2016, but the relationship fizzled out quickly.

Saidi continues to make movies in Nollywood as a producer, director, actor, and creator. Since Faithia appears to have abandoned all of her social media, it is difficult to know what she is doing right now. We have no idea what has been going on in her private life over the past few months. She has made a few appearances here and there, but as far as we can tell, nothing has changed, including Fathia Balogun’s new husband. The actress has said in a number of previous interviews that she has no plans to remarry or look for a new spouse. She wanted to focus on her family and her job, which was typical of her.

What we do know is that after a few years of not even reprimanding one another, Saidi and Fathia appear to have made up. The two are seen conversing in a calm and polite manner frequently, which is already a vast improvement over how they had previously talked. We are also aware that you have now finished reading this intriguing account of the conflict between Fathia and her husband. In order for their children to grow up with both their mom and pop in the picture, we hope that the two are no longer arguing. Godspeed to them.

Faithia Balogun Age, Birthday & Year

The fifth day of February 1969 saw the birth of Faithia Balogun. The Nollywood celebrity is 52 years old right now. She had a big party with family, friends, coworkers, and admirers from all across the country.

Faithia Balogun Net Worth (2023) –  N 150,000,000

With an estimated net worth of over N 150 million and a number of extraordinary eye-catching films that have made huge sums of money, the Nigerian actress is one of the most influential in Nigeria.

Given how prominent she has been in recent years, Faithia Balogun is one of the few Nigerian actresses who has already made a mark on the Nigerian film industry. Having said all of this, Faithia Balogun’s private life, professional career, and numerous other past accomplishments have made her so well-known that she is well-known both in Nigeria and Africa.

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