7 Types of Farm Power and Machinery In Agriculture

Types of Farm Power and Machinery In Agriculture
Types of Farm Power and Machinery In Agriculture

Farm power and machinery in agriculture is the rate at which work is done on the farm. The rate at which farm power takes place varies from source to source. Human beings can never cover the same area of land as a machine would in an hour. That is just a short illustration of farm power.

Another illustration to easily look for is the carrying of materials from one place to another on the farm. No one will easily who will be doing this but of course, if you can read more into this article, there is the whole disposal of words waiting for you.

Definition of Farm Power?

Farm power is the essential input, effort and energy put into the framework to deliver a conditioned and effective output afterwards.

Farm power helps you to cover many operations. The higher the cavity of the power, the faster the work done on the farm. Farm power is the sole to help with different activities on the farm including pre-planting operations, planting operations and post-planting operations. Tilling and turning of the soil, planting of seeds, protection of plant, harvesting the result and processing of the harvested produce. Also, there is stationary job equipment.

Sources of farm power

The capability to carry out so many things on the firm without going through a lot of difficulties is from the sources of power. What are those sources of power on the farm?

The various sources of farm powers for the effective yield of farms will be outlined below:

1. Human power

2. Animal power

3. Mechanical power

4. Solar power

5. Biogas

6. Electrical power

7. Wind power

What is Human Power?

Human power is the most common source of power. Intact any source of power on the farm is controlled by human beings. it is only humans that can predict and control the flow of other sources on the farm. Not to forget is these human beings that take any risk needed to take place on the farm. Man has the intelligence to carry out certain tedious operations on the farm. Land clearing, planting, tilling, irrigation and any other activities are part of what man gives out ok the farm.

What is Animal Power?

Another huge source of farm power is from animals such as cows, camels and so on. These animals are saddled with the responsibility of carrying heavy items that can not be carried by man around the farm. Animals like bulls help to pull Barrow’s during harrowing, planters and ploughs when preparing the land for planting. Also, camel is the main source of transportation around very big farms.

What is mechanical power?

Mechanical power is the power established by machines and engines on the farm. From generators, tractors, harvesters, threshers and every other machine found on the farm. Something is peculiar about them and it is the effective source of power they pull out. They can carry out the highest human and animal farm work in a very small time relative to what humans and animals will give. They plough, they harvest, they weed and they do so many things that help to fasten the rate of productivity ok our farms.

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is the existence of the sun to carry out a lot of operations on the farm. The light, heat and rays reaching the earth from the sun are collected on solar panels to produce enough energy. This is a very cheap and free source to take on the power on the farm although it is only available during the day.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is the power generated from dungs, wastes and remains of biological products on the farm. The process to do this is very easy when the farmers have the 0roper equipment and experts in their midst. But primarily, there is a chemical process of treating remains and water from plants and animals to produce the energy needed on the farm.

What is electric power?

Electricity can be used to power many things on the farm including the farmhouses. It can not contaminate the product for can it cause any problem if properly managed. Even a proper usage of electricity on the farm can increase the output of these tools in the farm.

Finally, what is wind power?

This is the power gotten from the wind. This helps in the processing of grains like rice. The wind causes the windmill to start moving and there is an immediate response for energy and production of power. The higher Intensity of the wind, the higher the power generated.

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