Helen Paul Biography, Career And Net Worth

Helen Paul Biography, Career And Net Worth

Helen Paul: Biography, Age, Children, Movies & Net-worth

Helen Paul is a well-known Nigerian comedian, singer, and actor. She is also a stand-up comedian with the stage name Tatafo; her voice range makes her sound like a young child.

Helen Paul Biography

Helen Paul obtained a Ph.D. in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos ( UNILAG). She has worked as a freelance and full-time presenter for numerous Nigerian media outlets. These include MNet, Lagos Television (LTV 8), and Continental Broadcasting Service (CBS) (where she presently co-presents JARA on Africa Magic).

Helen Paul made her debut as a mischievous comedic character on Radio Continental 102.3FM, Lagos’s Wetin Dey. She is recognized on the program as “Tatafo,” a smart child who satirically discusses and lampoons societal issues. She has been featured in various TV Continental and Naija FM 102.7 programs.

In July 2012, she released her debut album named Welcome Party, which includes Afro-Pop songs such as “Boju Boju”, “Vernacular”, “Gbedu”, “God Forbid”, an Afro R&B song titled “Children of the World,” and “Use Calculator,” an awareness song about the dangers of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. She released further singles, including “Take It Back.” In 2018, she also released the audio and video for her single “Never Knew,” an uplifting song about her formative years and career accomplishments to date.

In 2012, Helen started a bridal and fabric business in Lagos called Massive Fabrics and Bridals. Since then, she has opened three additional boutique locations in various areas of Lagos.

In 2014, she created the Helen Paul Theater and Film Academy, a film and theater academy. Including a dance studio, a makeup studio, a recording studio, a rehearsal studio, a photo studio, a predominantly digital library, an editing studio, and a student hostel.

Helen Paul Husband & Children

Helen Paul, an accomplished comedienne and actress, and her husband, Femi Bamisile, celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary today.

Helen has been posting throwback photos of folks who made this day 10 years ago unforgettable, as well as photos of herself and her boyfriend.

One of the photos was labeled, “My Best Friend.

Wishing us a happy anniversary.

“Over 10 years and counting”

Petite statured Helen married her attorney husband ten years ago, and the couple currently has three children.

Her family includes her, her husband, and three sons. Femi Bamisile, the husband of Helen Paul, is a legal practitioner. Both couples tied the knot in 2010. Her former supervisor was a buddy of Femi Bamisile. According to her, when she took the initial step, they grew quite close. She requested his telephone number first.

As she admitted, her spouse was somewhat miserly when they first met. He was a friend of her ex-boss, and he and other friends of her ex-boss used to purchase doughnuts and soft drinks for the radio employees. Femi Bamisile did not, however, purchase anything for the personnel. Therefore, she addressed him one day and requested drinks and pastries. He did not refuse. That is how their love story began.

Helen Paul Comedy

Helen Paul’s family history is not all you want to know about her, correct? When Helen Paul realized she could imitate a child’s voice, she changed her career path. Her genuine journey to stardom began at Radio Lagos’ Eko Reelmix Studios. She worked there as a receptionist and voice actor. During this time, she collaborated with groups such as Yinka Davies, Olufunmi, Infinity, and P-Square. Her voice was also included in jingles for a lot of corporations. This includes businesses such as Cowbell Milk, Indomie Noodles, Peak Milk, and Bank PHB. As a student, she had her first significant stage experience. In one of the comedy clubs, a performer did not appear. Consequently, Helen Paul’s friends urged her to perform. Thankfully, she was a natural on stage, and thus a comedian was born.

Helen Paul Age, Birthday & Year

Helen Paul was born on September 14th, 1983. The Nollywood celebrity is 38 years old at present. She celebrated with family, friends, colleagues, and admirers around the country.

Helen Paul Net-worth (2022) – $500,000

The Nigerian comedian is one of the most influential individuals in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of over $500,000 and a number of outstanding, eye-catching films that have achieved massive sales.

Helen Paul is one of the few Nigerian actresses who have made their mark on the Nigerian film industry, given her influence over the past few years. Helen Paul’s personal life, work, and numerous other accomplishments in the past have made her so popular that she is well-known nationwide.

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