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How do I match ZIP codes to cities or counties?

How do I match ZIP codes to cities or counties?

ZIP codes are not intended to correspond to physical borders but rather to help in mail delivery. A city or county’s ZIP codes may be completely inside, completely outside, or only partially inside of it. Even more than 100 ZIP codes span state borders. The idea that the “city” and ZIP you use to address an envelope indicate if an address is inside a city limit is another fallacy. The name of the neighborhood’s primary post office is typically used to refer to that “city”.

Use the USPS-provided primary city when addressing mail. It is accessible in all versions of our ZIP code database (Free, Small Business, or Enterprise). Every edition also includes the county with the highest proportion of ZIP residents. For more uses, check here to read more about how ZIPs are matched to cities and counties and here to discover the data files available in our Enterprise version that are utilized for this purpose.

Which population estimate should I use?

We advise using the real population figure from the US census, which is conducted every ten years. The accuracy is unrivaled, even for earlier population counts. To count the population is the exact reason for the census’s existence. In spite of this, you may learn about the various ZIP code population estimates here, along with how they compare.

How many ZIP codes are included?

All 42,735 ZIP codes are included in every edition (Free, Small Business, or Enterprise) of the ZIP code database.

By status: 41,695 active and 1,040 decommissioned ZIP codes

By type: 30,003 STANDARD, 9,396 PO BOX, 2,545 UNIQUE, and 791 MILITARY

Do you offer polygons, mapping data, other countries, or ZIP+4?

Outside of the US, we do not provide postal code information. However, USPS-served ZIP codes for US military personnel are also included.

Not from us are ZIP+4 data. A complete address and approved software for adding it are necessary for determining the ZIP+4.

Additionally, since shapefiles are freely available from the Census Bureau, we do not provide mapping data. Additionally, our consumers would need to have quite advanced technical knowledge in order to use it. Instead, we give our clients the most crucial ZIP code coordinates in a far more user-friendly style.

Quick ZIP Lookup and Data Analyzer

Now there is a quick way to search up the data for particular ZIPs in our spreadsheets. Watch the demonstration to learn how to use our ZIP code spreadsheet and the ZIP code radius lookup to rapidly search through dozens of statistics for the ZIP codes you have chosen. There is also no ongoing fee. Excel 2007 or later is needed (versions that open XLSX files).

How do I find my ZIP code location?

To find your ZIP code location, you can use various methods depending on your specific circumstances. Here are a few common ways to find your ZIP code location:

  1. Postal Mail: If you receive mail at your current address, your ZIP code is usually printed on the envelopes or packages you receive. Check your incoming mail to locate your ZIP code.
  2. Online ZIP Code Lookup: You can use online ZIP code lookup tools provided by postal services or third-party websites. These tools allow you to enter your address, city, or other relevant information to find the associated ZIP code. Popular websites for ZIP code lookup include the United States Postal Service (USPS) website ( or websites like
  3. Postal Service Websites: Many postal service websites have search features that allow you to find ZIP codes based on addresses. If you’re in the United States, you can visit the USPS website ( and use their ZIP code lookup tool by entering your address details.
  4. Smartphone Apps: There are various smartphone apps available that provide ZIP code lookup functionality. You can search for such apps in your device’s app store and download a trusted one to find your ZIP code location.
  5. Contact Local Post Office: If you’re unable to find your ZIP code through online tools, you can contact your local post office directly. They will be able to assist you in finding the appropriate ZIP code for your location.

Remember that ZIP codes are specific to the United States Postal Service. If you’re looking for postal codes in a different country, the process may vary.

What is the ZIP code of an address?

A 5-digit code known as a ZIP Code identifies a specific destination post office or mail delivery location. For final sorting and delivery, ZIP Codes identify the location of letters. Each ZIP Code identifies a set of postal service areas and delivery routes used by mail carriers.

What is zip code format in Nigeria?

Nigerian post offices use six-digit numeric postal codes. The first digit of the code is made up of the nine areas that NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, has divided the nation into. The dispatch district for outbound sorting is represented by the first digit along with the second and third digits.