How Do you Delete a Facebook Group

How Do you Delete a Facebook Group

How to Delete a Facebook Group

This article describes how to delete a Facebook Group permanently and how to pause (previously “archive”) a Facebook Group so that it can be reactivated at a later time. These instructions apply to Facebook in a web browser as well as the Facebook mobile app.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

To delete a Facebook Group, its creator must first remove all group members and then leave the group. These actions remove the Facebook group permanently. A Facebook Group can be deleted via a web browser or the Facebook mobile app.

If the Group’s creator has left, another administrator can remove members and delete the Facebook Group.

  1. From your Facebook home page, select Groups. (In the Facebook app, tap Menu > Groups.)

  2. Under Groups You Manage, select the Group you want to delete. (In the mobile app, tap Your Groups.)

  3. Select Members. (In the mobile app, tap the badge with a star and then tap Members.)

  4. Select More (three dots) > Remove Member if you wish to remove a member.(In the iPhone app, tap each member’s name but yours and select Remove [Name] from group.)

  5. Repeat these steps for every member of the Group until you’re the only one left.

  6. When you are the final remaining member, pick More (three dots) > Leave Group next to your name. Return to the Facebook iOS app’s main page, press the badge, and tap Leave Group when you are the final member of the group. When you are the last member of a group in the Android app, press the badge > Leave Group > Leave and delete.

  7. Facebook will notify you that you are the last member of the Group, and your departure will result in its permanent deletion. Select Group Delete to confirm.

  8. The Group has been deleted permanently. Members will not be informed of their removal or the deletion of the Group.

How to Pause a Facebook Group

If you prefer not to delete a Facebook Group permanently, consider pausing it instead. You can pause the Group indefinitely; reactivating it is straightforward when you’re ready.

You will need to pause your Facebook Group via a web browser and as an administrator. Previously, Facebook Groups could be “archived,” but the “pause” function now serves the same purpose.

  1. From your Facebook home page, select Groups.

  2. Under Groups You Manage, select the Group you want to pause.

  3. Select More (three dots) beneath the Group header photo.

  4. Select Pause Group from the drop-down list.

  5. Choose a reason, such as needing a break, and select Continue.

  6. Facebook will provide administrators with tools for conflict and stress management. To pause the Group again, select Continue.

  7. Include an announcement for Group members regarding the pause, if desired. You have the option of selecting a resume date or pausing the Group indefinitely. When prepared, choose Pause Group.

  8. If you specify a date, the Facebook Group page will display a message about the Group being paused and when it will resume. Select Resume at any time if you are the administrator to resume your Facebook Group.

What’s the Difference Between Pausing and Deleting?

Pausing a Facebook Group and removing it are two distinct processes. Both are useful functions for the Facebook Group creator and administrator.

A Facebook Group that has been paused is closed to further debate. Group members can still access the Group and view existing postings, but until the administrator resumes the Group, there will be no new activity, such as new posts or comments. No new members are permitted.

The deletion of a Facebook Group is irreversible; there is no opportunity to revive the Group. Administrators should only take this action if they are certain they do not want the Group to exist in any form.