9 Examples of how technology affects our lives

How technology affects our lives
How technology affects our lives

The question of how technology affects our lives is more like a rhetorical questions. The recent digital and technology innovation is too different from the earlier setup of the technology world. Computers, mobile phones and many other gadgets are becoming extremely advanced than before. The revolution is happening fast. Things are going the way that anyone that is not following the trends will just fall behind. Despite saying the recent technology innovations are distracting and destroying the ecosystem, the is still a great lookout for the advancements and the improvement of technology.

Additionally, technology is the basis for all the amazing tools creates for experts and resources, also, putting useful information at our fingertips. These innovations are making things better for a human beings. Smartphones instead of land phones, colored computers instead of journals and so many things. These are the results of what we have in technology. A faster, easier, simpler and more effective lifestyle is what everyone wants and this can only happen with technology. There is many ways where he homology improves the life of human. The significance of those innovations can not be counted.

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9 Examples of How technology affects our lives

In this article, we’ll try to look at How technology affects our lives, quality of lives and efficiency of life for human beings. Technology has changed lives in the following ways:


Without communication and sharing of information, life will be full of people without knowledge. Information needs to be shared by a sustainable means. The means should be secure and effective. It should be fast and easy to use. Technology has qualified so many things into the invention that makes it easy to communicate with people. There is flexible communication amongst people with the latest technology trends. You can send information to someone so far from you without considering the location. You don’t need to write a long-form letter to send information from one place to another.

Advancement in technology has helped and granted a safe and secured environment for the passage of information from one form to another. Instead of a letter that can get torn or damped easily, you can easily make use of the cloud to pass information of any sort around the organisation. You see so many people pass their messages from phone calls and emails to texting and video chatting, all this going on social media as well. This is the effect of technology. The technology we know is the deal for many people to communicate easily. If not that we will have to wait a long time to deliver urgent information.

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Technology has improves the way and manner banking operations are carried out. Banking operations are becoming too easy to carry out unlike before when you have to wait for long hours to withdraw or deposit your money with the bank. You can easily carry out transactions from anywhere without even getting close to the bank. We can conclude that life was really difficult before when people have to transact without these new tech innovations. The POS – Point of sales, the ATMs and the job of the FINTECH companies is to make banking, financing, buying and selling relatively easier than it was before. Even the effectiveness of the money is something that will prompt anyone to talk about this.

Now, you can successfully take on many jobs at a time. Nothing can keep you standing for long hours to withdraw money or transfer it to someone from your bank. Even almost every bank already started planning their ways of rotating the online set-up for banking. They hired developers for apps. Also, some companies already made this very easy to carry out. stripe, Stripe, Paypal and many other platforms have a well secured and safe point for sharing money.

The innovations being used by those companies are just different. From banking online, you can even get the simplest way to pay for goods and services using only your smartphone. The apps created by banks help you to run a secured payments gateway for everything you buy and sell, all the money you send and receive as well. This innovation has been created in such a way that it will be supported by the economy of the state and the security of your money.


After we have a secured, fast and easy transaction, what we need to focus on is the entertainments section. If you can recall the other days when you have to make a lot of effort before getting to see the performance of a celebrity. Now, we have the best ways to go around your celebrities without any problem. Social media, TV shows, media and so on are all doing a lot to make the entertainment scene optimised. You can easily stream a movie on YouTube.

Also, streaming a song on your regular platform will be very easy with your phones. You don’t have to be at the on-stage performance to see everything that is taking place. You just have to download, stream, watch movies and enjoy your lifestyle without lacking anything. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms are big names that deliver a special entertainment scene for people. Trending memes, the latest entertainment news and much other information about the entertainment world are displayed everywhere on the internet. This is a service backed up by technology. Meanwhile, studios gadgets are big things to talk about as well. From the headphones to the latest microphones to the high-end cameras, everything still makes up a familiar and inspiring environment for entertainment.


We have different aspects of life and we know how we live them. We know what it looks like to have a great deal of rotating so many things around ourselves. Fortunately, this technological invention is the thing that is helping us maintain the stability we need. If not for those, many things won’t go as expected. Technology is also needed in the following:

1. Transportation

2. Voting

3. Works

4. Sports

5. Sex

6. Fashion and so many aspects of our loves

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