How to Cultivate Ornamental plants – 3 Methods

How to cultivate Ornamental plants
How to cultivate Ornamental plants

Floriculture is the part of agriculture that deals with the maintenance and cultivation of ornamental plants popularly known as flowers. Floriculture is the brain behind the arrangement of flowers around a house and how those flowers will always grow. 

Beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs or any plants that are used to decorate is a product of agriculture. Floriculture has a big significance to the environment.

It is a very profitable part of agriculture but people do not see this. Just reading this article will bring you to the conclusion that you can start practising floriculture without the help of anyone.

Before we proceed to the in-depth agriculture, let’s get that floriculture is not just about flowers alone. Similarly, floriculture can be defined as the growth, care, use, maintenance, management and marketing of ornamental plants. A farmer that is based in Floriculture is referred to as a florist.

In the later segment of this article, you will be learning the category of ornamental plants and how to become a proficient florist.

Category of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants sed for beautification. These can be flowers, trees, shrubs and so on. In other words, ornamental plants are plants that are used to decorate the environment. 

These ornamental plants serve a lot of purposes. While some work for a particular occasion, some can never work for that occasion. This is because they have distinct properties which divided them into categories.

Every category is made of flowering plants with almost the same characteristics. Here are the three categories of flowering plants:

1. Ornamental Trees: These are trees that are used for decoration. They have different features from the mango trees and the likes. Examples of those trees are Delonix, Indianna Almond, Royal Palm, Frangipani, Balsam and so on.

2. Ornamental Flowers: These are mostly found everywhere. With a garden full of fresh flowers a building is already fully set up. There are so many flowers but some of them are: Sunflower, water lettuce, water Lilly, rose flower, passionflower, clitoria and so on

3. Ornamental shrubs: These are ornament plants at the shrub level. They are very common but many don’t notice them. They are used as grasses on many occasions especially on open occasions. Examples of ornamental shrubs are Allamanda, Ixora, Wild rose, hibiscus, Crotons, Dutchman, Zinia pipe and so on. 

How to cultivate Ornamental plants

Starting a business in floriculture requires a small farm for the cultivation of ornamental plants which can later be sold. The main strategy to growing and yielding proficiently from ornamental plants is to use the cultural practice method.

With this method, high quality and quantity flowers will be produced later on. Below are the cultural practices to cultivating ornamental crops:

1. Choice of the site: Choose a site that is very accessible for you and the flower-loving buyers as well. Make sure it is a place where there is adequate water for watering flowers.

2. Method of Propagation: The method of propagation for ornamental plants including seeds, stems, leaves and so on. Even some use the vegetative method of propagation to multiply.

3. Methods of Cultivation: Cultivation of ornamental crops is very easy. It doesn’t require any technical effort to carry out. You can try two main methods to get the best from cultivating ornamental plants.

Firstly, you can sow directly to the soil. Just plants the seeds or the stems and you are good to go. The other way is to use a nursery bed for the beginning. Some flowers require nursery while some doesn’t require nursery. Anyone you are going for, make sure your flower will easily adapt to the condition.

Whereas we have seen many other methods come up and we have seen those ornamental plants grow well

a. Use of pots: pots can also look like the primary bed for flowers. Mostly, flowers that are specifically grown in pots are for sale.

b. Use of Nylon: Instead of the flower getting directed to the harsh factors on the ground. It can simply be grown on nylon, later on, it will get its roots fully on the soil.

4. Provide Shade: Harsh weather condition destroys flowers. This is a reason you should have a shade over your cultivated flowers.

5. Regular Watering and Weeding: Once you are holding down their competitors which are the weeds and you are giving them water, with all these details above, you have perfect flowers to work with.

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