How to “Enable Offline Mail” on Gmail

How to "Enable Offline Mail" on Gmail

You can now access Gmail without an active internet; How to “Enable Offline Mail” on Gmail

It is uncommon to come across an Internet user who does not use Gmail, Google’s most well-known email service. With such a large user base, Google continues to focus on enhancing the Gmail service with new features. The search engine giant has recently launched a new feature to its email service that allows Gmail users to access it when offline.

What is offline mode in Gmail?

To use features like the inbox, outbox, draft, sent items, and reply functions, any email service needs to be connected to the internet. A portion of Gmail’s features, like checking for new emails, viewing unread messages, making drafts, and even sending new emails, are now available thanks to a recent update from Google.

How to enable the offline mode in Gmail

In order to enable Gmail Offline mode, follow these simple instructions. Then we’ll dive deep into the new features of this mode.

1. Pull out your computer or laptop and open the browser on your Gmail account.

2. Click “See all settings” by tapping the “Settings” icon in the right upper corner of the screen.

3. Select the “Offline” option from the plethora of selections on the far right.

4. To activate the offline mode, select the “Enable offline mode” option.

5. This will bring up a page for customisation. You will be given the option to select a sync duration between 7 and 90 days. Additionally, you can select “Download attachments” to store attached files even when offline.

6. You should also mark the appropriate box if you wish to keep or delete the offline data from your PC.

7. After completing all of the procedures, select “Save Changes” to activate your offline mode.

It’s reassuring to know that Google gives customers the option to choose whether they want to keep or delete their data on their PC in the event that they need to sign off of their account. Users who utilize Google accounts on non-personal systems can benefit from this capability. To make the most of Gmail’s new offline mode, the company advises adding a bookmark to your Chrome browser.

It should be noted that Gmail’s offline mode technically prevents the recipient from receiving the email as active data. However, this feature will move the prepared email to the outbox folder and send it right away when your computer connects to the internet.