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How to find a USPS Zip Code

How to find a USPS Zip Code

ZIP+4 Code™ Lookup Tool & Extra 4 Digits of ZIP Codes Explained

The USPS uses ZIP+4 Codes, an expansion of the standard 5-digit ZIP codes, to more precisely identify particular groups of delivery sites inside a given ZIP code. Each ZIP+4 code can represent both individual delivery sites as well as a variety of delivery locations, such as an apartment building or a collection of enterprises.

With the correct tools, looking up ZIP+4 codes can be simple. On their website, the USPS offers a free ZIP Code lookup function that enables users to discover ZIP+4 codes for certain addresses or groups of addresses. If you discover that the USPS ZIP Code lookup service is insufficient for your requirements, Firstlogic provides a simple-to-use lookup tool below that offers accurate and recent data. By inputting an address, or a portion of an address, you may rapidly search for ZIP+4 codes using the Firstlogic tool.

If using the USPS tool is more your speed, read on for a step-by-step guide.

Looking up a ZIP+4 with the USPS ZIP Code™ Lookup Tool

Users can find ZIP+4 codes for specific addresses or address ranges using the free web-based USPS ZIP CodeTM Lookup Tool. The tool can be used as follows:

  1. Go to the USPS website and navigate to the ZIP Code™ Lookup Tool page:
  2. Enter the address you want to look up in the “Street Address” field. You can also enter a city and state or a ZIP code to narrow down your search.
  3. Click the “Find” button to search for the ZIP+4 code associated with the address.
  4. The tool will display the ZIP+4 code for the address, as well as additional information such as the 5-digit ZIP code, the delivery point code, and the carrier route code.
  5. You can download the USPS ZIP+4 Code file, which includes the complete list of ZIP+4 codes for all legitimate delivery addresses in the country, if you need to look up multiple addresses or carry out batch processing.

You may easily and quickly locate accurate and current ZIP+4 codes for your mailing needs by utilizing the USPS ZIP CodeTM Lookup Tool. It’s crucial to remember that the terms of service and use limits that may not be adequate for all needs apply to the use of this product. In such circumstances, third-party suppliers like Firstlogic may offer a more complete and adaptable answer to your ZIP+4 code lookup requirements.

What are ZIP+4 Codes?

What are ZIP+4 Codes?

In addition to the standard five-digit USPS ZIP codes, four-digit ZIP+4 codes are also known as Plus-Four codes, ZIP code extensions, nine-digit ZIP codes, expanded ZIP codes, or full ZIP codes. The extra four digits enable more precise and effective mail delivery when used with the whole ZIP code.

Each ZIP+4 code corresponds to a particular delivery route that usually involves 10 to 20 residences or locations. The last four digits of ZIP codes are more erratic than the first five since these routes are not constant and can alter frequently. Changes in ZIP+4 codes can be caused by a variety of variables, including the number of postal employees, new development, and remapping of delivery regions.

Because ZIP+4 codes are dynamic, it’s crucial to keep mailing labels and address lists up to date with the most recent ZIP+4 codes available. Your mail will be delivered to the right location quickly and efficiently if you use a reliable and current ZIP+4 code lookup tool, like the ones earlier in this article.

What is USPS ZIP Code example?

For instance, a US postal code could consist of five digits or five digits, a hyphen (dash), and then another four digits (12345-1234). Consider both scenarios when authenticating US postal codes. A field that can have five digits, five digits plus a dash, four digits, or nothing at all is validated by the following rule.

What is USPS standard ZIP Code?

A numeric ZIP+4 code should be written as five digits, a hyphen, and then four digits. The first five numbers are the 5-digit ZIP Code, the sixth and seventh digits are the first two after the hyphen, which define a sector, and the eighth and ninth digits are used to designate a segment, which is a smaller area.

What are the 4 digits after ZIP Code?

What do the additional digits imply, then? Specific delivery routes within delivery areas are represented by these final four digits. This additional information results in an even more exact matching at a finer level. It could refer to a few homes on one side of a street or even just one structure that receives a lot of mail.

What Is My ZIP Code with the Extra Four Digits?

Find the “Use Now” button at the top of the page, enter your address, and get your ZIP+4 Code right now if you need to know the answer to the question: “What is my ZIP Code with the extra 4 digits?” Keep in mind that your ZIP code “with the extra 4 digits” is also more commonly referred to as a ZIP+4 Code.


To obtain precise and current ZIP+4 codes for specific addresses, the USPS offers a free ZIP+4 code lookup tool on their website. Individuals and companies can use this service to guarantee that their mail is delivered in a timely and effective manner to the appropriate destination.

Whether it’s through the USPS or a third-party service like Firstlogic, using a trustworthy and accurate ZIP+4 code lookup tool will assist guarantee that your mail is delivered precisely and on time. Businesses can increase customer satisfaction and lower costs connected with undeliverable mail by lowering the likelihood of missed deliveries or returned mail.