How to Fix Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen

How to Fix Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen
How to Fix Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen

This article is about How to Fix Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen. Have you ever experienced that annoyance when your phone is stuck on the boot screen? Not to talk about your response but it has happened to a lot of Android users several times.

In this article, this will be our main focus. This is the page you will learn how to fix your Android phone if it is stuck on the boot screen, causes and some preventive measures against this issue so you won’t be a victim.

We will advise you to follow this right now because this can happen unplanned and you might not get access to this trusted and guaranteed source of fixing this issue. Remember your phone is stuck on boot, the panic and frustration would be high but once you have the idea of how to solve this problem, then you are good to go. 

Causes of Android Phones Getting Stuck On Boot Screen

First of all, we have to get an idea of what is going on on the phone and why it is happening. Your phone can’t just be stuck on boot without the problem stretching from a series of errors causing this problem. Only when you understand these can you get to know the proper way to fix android phones stuck on the boot screen.

1. Virus or Malware

If not that manufacturers of phones already foresee how careless many Android users can be and have done something about it, we will be losing our phones to so many malicious attacks. Viruses, bugs and malware get into the phone through email attachments, apps, websites and so many other areas. We don’t know about all of these attacks on our phones but the phone helps us to filter most of them. When this malware and virus becomes too much for the phone to hold, then errors like this start occurring. 

2. Android Software Changes

You might have tapped anything on your phone’s settings and this might result in this issue. This is even worse than the unknown virus introduction because you don’t know what or where to change that setting. The fact is that a series of changes on the phone’s system software can result in this issue. This is the reason you should be careful with your phone’s settings as well.

3. Aborting Software Update

If you don’t know, it is wrong to keep aborting any software action going on in your phone. Such that your phone’s software update will be started by you. Maybe it is not so fast to what you think, so you choose to abort it or interrupt it. Most of the time, this results in the damaging of packages. Hence, it is a factor for your phone to be stuck on the boot screen.

4. Installation of Apps From Unknown sources

It is not like installing from an unknown source is wrong. But the risk factor in it is more than the advantages or benefits you will get from it. Except that you will get free cheats of premium apps, you can download from the Google play store directly. Even beware of malware and viruses from those apps you are installing from the sites. 

The default setting of android does not allow the installation of apps from unknown sources, however, you have to allow it. This is a security measure from your manufacturer but you tend to follow the other way.

5.  Malfunctioning Apps

Apps are assets that should be taken care of. If you notice any app that is not working very well, you should delete it. Perhaps delete and reinstall the app if possible taking risk of leaving it there or procrastinating this might result in an issue like this. Imagine not being able to handle it, there comes another cost.

How to Fix Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen Explained

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1 Restart the Android Phone

We have heard of so many issues when it comes to Android phones and the easy solution to all these problems is to restart the phone. Just when it is on the boot screen, hold down the power button until it goes off again. Note that this might take longer, but it has worked for so many people. After restarting your phone again, the best thing to do is to look for any cause of this. For instance, if it’s an app, you can delete the app. Nevertheless, if this issue persists, don’t panic as there are still more remedies to your phone getting stuck in the boot screen.

2. Battery Pull

If you have been trying to restart the phone and it is impossible, just pull out your battery. This is another solution to this problem. However, pulling the phone battery can only apply to phones that allow that. Some phones have an inbuilt battery and it is almost impossible to do this. But you can check if your phone inbuilt battery supports simulated battery pull. 

3. Safe Mode

Do you know you can switch off and switch off your phone with apps from another phone? It works in such a way that it will help you switch on the phone and then it specify the issue which you can immediately solve on that same app. Then you switch off the phone with the app again. After which you leave your phone for some minutes before switching it on again. This is one of the reasons it is always advisable to set your phones to safe mode directly.

4. Factory Reset Using Hard key

I’m not sure if you have the knowledge of this but if you have tried reading your phone manual at least once then you should be familiar with it. This means resetting your phone with the keys (buttons) in it without switching on or switching off. This is the reason you need a regular backup of your phone information or you fall victim to losing all your personal information while resetting. 

This time you can not be on the phone and you can not access the settings option for the factory reset of the phone. However, you can always use an alternative of a combination of different keys on your phone. Different manufactures use different keys, perhaps some use the volume and power button but any combination you will use is definitely stated in your manual.

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