How to Sell Farm Produce Online

How to Sell Farm Produce Online
How to Sell Farm Produce Online

Today, we will be talking about How to Sell Farm Produce Online. If you have always had challenges selling your farm produce, I will advice you to take this training serious. Because what you are about to learn will transform your life forever.

Food is an essential part of our lives and stimulates the growth of the agricultural industry. This world without the primary sector would be a terrible place. Today the Internet has given all industries new dimensions and the food industry is no longer spared from this divine technology. The agricultural sector has good income potential on an independent basis and the connection between the online world and the agricultural sector can create synergies and increase income. Bringing your grocery store online not only ensures maximized and diversified sales, it also protects you from issues like spoilage, inefficient demand, and more. The advent of online sales has also developed a taste for online shopping among customers, which is why selling agricultural products online will ensure not only the survival of your business but also its growth.

3 Main Sectors of food Industry that affects how to sell farm produce online

To understand how to sell farm produce online, it is important we understand the various sectors of food industries we have. We know that farms are divided into three main categories:

  1. Production Resources: This includes resources used in agribusiness such as seeds, energy, machinery, fertilizers, equipment, etc.
  2. Facilitation Services: This includes additional activities to support the agribusiness such as marketing, packaging, transportation, storage, insurance, credit, warehousing, processing, etc.
  3. Agricultural Products: This can range from raw products to products that are processed into food and fiber

Current trends in the agricultural industry

In explaining how to sell agriculture produce online, we also need to explain the current agriculture trends.

  1. Population growth has supported the growth in demand for agricultural products. Global food production must increase 70% by 2050 to meet demand, study finds
  2. With the emergence of start-ups and inventive technologies, creative ideas to initiate ecological production on balconies and terraces have become achievable realities.
  3. An increase in demand for high quality organic products can be observed, associated with a change in people’s preference for sophisticated online shops.
  4. E-commerce has grown in importance and has also entered the food industry, which in turn promotes grocery stores with home delivery.
    Why is it profitable to sell agricultural products online?
  5. It’s easy and economical to start
  6. It is an effective way to communicate with the masses and develop your customer base.
  7. The internet gives you more leeway to make your content your own
  8. There is no need to invest in massive labor costs
  9. There is always the possibility of selling other services in addition to the main service.
  10. The number 1 platform that solves the problem of how to sell farm produce online remains Sell your products for free on Ofarms is undoubtedly Africa’s largest classified ads website for agricultural products. You can register here

Steps on How to Sell Farm Produce Online

Selling agricultural products online appears to be profitable. In addition, the business is designed in such a way that it appears sustainable at first glance.
As profitable as it may seem, there is no denying that the competition is massive. It is imperative that you understand the rules and regulations that affect your business. Hence, it is important that you move your baby in the right direction so that you can focus on your online farming business, unlock the potential and make money from it. Here are the steps that can help you start your online farm selling business:
1. Do the research
The cornerstone would be deciding how your business will work. Would you like to produce yourself or buy it from a producer and then sell it on? In the first case, thorough research is essential to give you an understanding of the economic origin of the products and in the second, you need to know how to make the production most effective and efficient. If so, you may also need to secure land ownership and familiarize yourself with related issues such as leases, farm boundaries, watering points, etc. To determine the different dynamics of your business, an in-depth study of other stakeholders is also essential. For example, researching distributors can help you develop relationships with them; researching competitors can help you come up with ideas on how to differentiate your business. Finding products and customers can go a long way when creating your offers.
2. Choose your business model

If you already have an idea in mind based on your research and experience, consider moving forward just like you are doing on this article of How to Sell Farm Produce Online. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know which one to choose from the myriad of farming business models, you should think about doing some rock solid homework. You can choose one or more of the following business ideas that best suit you: organic horticulture, poultry farming, fertilizer distribution, herb / fruit / vegetable cultivation, urban agriculture, nurseries, florist, field crops, dairy , organic fertilizer production from vermicomposting and the list goes on. The choice mainly depends on the agricultural products you want to sell. Considering the needs of your target segment will provide input to this decision.

3. Practice calculating numbers
A solid budget should be established before starting the business. It is important to secure the economic potential and short-term and long-term feasibility in advance. It is imperative to have a budgeted forecast of your finances ready. Proper bookkeeping will help you assess your financial performance on the go. All of these not only help you measure your performance, but also keep you informed of initial and recurring investment needs. This allows you to plan the loans and advances to be taken out. Organizing financial data from a trusted source is a critical step.
4. Build the right army
The right army of people working in the right direction turns the desire for success into a reality. The size of your army depends on the type of business you get into. It is therefore imperative that you take into account the existing KSAs, the required KSAs and hire people for the necessary professional support.
Choose the right company name
Once you’ve done the basics, you’ll need to register your business with any business name of your choice. Make sure you choose an appropriate name that says a lot about the values ​​you are offering.

5. Obtain the appropriate licenses
Agribusiness is highly regulated, so it is imperative to complete the necessary paperwork in order to obtain the important licenses. You can get professional help to make sure the paperwork and other formalities are completed correctly.
6. Recordings
Online farming business requires dealing with many stakeholders and therefore many records need to be created and maintained. Depending on your trade and technical know-how, you need to decide whether to go for inexpensive and easy-to-use software or expensive, comprehensive accounting software.
Find out how to accept payments
With the advent of the Internet, many payment options have come into play. You have to decide which payment method you choose. It could be credit cards, PayPal, other e-wallets, or just cash deliveries. Sometimes the method of payment is a crucial point in converting your customers to repeat customers. So make a wise choice. If you are planning your own website or app, you should also integrate effective shopping cart software into your website or app.

7. Opt for promotions
Discounts can be an effective tool for attracting customers, but you need to decide the amount and frequency of discounts based on the nature of your business and the segment you are targeting. It becomes easy if you have clear plans in advance of the offers and the associated frequencies that you want to provide.
Choose an online area
Pick where you’d like to see it. Whether it is your own authentic website or an existing well known online marketplace like, or you want to partner with famous online grocery stores. You can even expand your presence to various social media apps to build customer relationships. Whatever you choose, be sure to include important email credentials or contact numbers where customers can call for personal help in case something goes wrong.

8. Establish a solid business plan
A full plan is where your prep work ends and the real thing begins. This B-Plan would be your sacred book. This B-Plan would be for your help. You can also create a marketing plan to help you communicate your business with your stakeholders.

Some practical advice on How to Sell Farm Produce Online

  1. The food industry is very well regulated. So, educate yourself about all the rules, dos and don’ts before you jump into this activity.
  2. Organic products sell like hot cakes. You can either specialize in this category or create a separate area in your existing portfolio specifically for it.
  3. The timing of the launch is very important and therefore should be a well thought out strategic decision.
  4. It is more convenient to start with a few products at the beginning and gradually add more.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words. So make sure you include lucrative images that effectively communicate the quality of your products and services.
  6. Adding nutritional information and other relevant details to your products is not only a great way to attract health conscious customers, but it also helps build trust with your customers.
  7. Starting an online grocery store is not a quick or easy task. So be ready to be patient as your baby will gradually grow into a huge and profitable face.
  8. If you are thinking of starting an online farm produce sale, Ofarms can be your ultimate confidante! Ofarms can help you create an online marketplace designed exclusively for you and your customers, with no programming or installation costs. With its wide range of features, Ofarms covers different segments of your business plan.
  9. Start your own farm produce business online and discover a multitude of opportunities!
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