This article is about how to start a poultry business. Thinking of a business you can start with a little capital? Here is what you should do. Try poultry farming.

The following content gives an explicit information and steps on how newbies can starter and make profit from poultry farming.
Poultry farming is a form of animal husbandry which breeds domestic birds such as Turkeys, Guinea fowl, Chicken, Ducks and few other commercial or marketable birds to produce meat or egg and earn income from it.

Certainly, Chicken and Turkey are the most popular with different species each serving different purposes. I.e., layers are reared for egg production and broiler for meat.

Factors to consider in Poultry Business

Also, when considering how to start a poultry business, there are some factors you must consider.

They are:


For the birds, deep litter or battery cages in order to keep the birds safe from dangerous animals, theft and harsh weather conditions.


over 50 percentage of livestock expenses is allocated to feeding, also proper ration of feed must be given or fed to the birds so as to enhance and guarantee a perfect end product for market value.

Feeding methods such as scheduled feeding, limit feeding, full feeding and supplementary feeding can be used.

Time of maturity of the particular breed:

This simply means the time taken for a day-old poultry bird to reach a particular marketing size. e.g., in chicken, Cockerel takes a longer time (6 months) to reach the marketing size while broilers take a short time (3 – 4 months) to reach its marketing size.

Treatment or vaccines:

Certain drugs and vaccines are administered to poultry birds at some particular time which must not be omitted.
Vaccines are used for disease prevention or outbreak when a flock is exposed to field disease organism. This exercise should be carried out with the help of a professional (for starters) to avoid the misuse of drugs.


Chicken in everyday market, its demand is high compared to Turkey because of it Low cost, Turkeys has a higher cost but in festive seasons the demand of rises as well as chicken unlike normal period without no festivities.

Market value:

The price at which the birds will be sold. This is where a top-notch marketplace like comes in. We have the market; all you have to do is register on our platform and start maximizing profits by selling your farm produce on our livestock and pet categories..

Also, making a choice among breeds of a particular poultry bird. In Turkeys, the broad breasted white are naturally good breeders and reach a preferable marketing size within 6 months with a weight of 10-16 kg (Toms) and from 6-11kg (Hens). White Holland weighs 14 kg (Tom) while the female (Hen) weighs 8kg.
The above discussed contents will teach you how to start a poultry business with little or zero experience.

Set up your business today no matter how small it is and be your own boss, time counts.