How to start an okrika business in Nigeria

okrika business in Nigeria
okrika business in Nigeria

Okrika business is one of the interactive businesses that one can start with very low capital in Nigeria. It involves selling used cloth (known as alive) and Tokumbo products. 

Virtually everyone in Nigeria makes use of okrika.  Probably you don’t know that most cars in Nigeria are used cars and that is the same for various clothes.  Everyone is waiting to buy any of your peril products if you are ready to begin business.  

The capital needed to start this business is very small and the Return on investment is fast and easy to make.  The products you will sell are non-perishable products. Hence,  you can choose to keep it for various years before buying. 

You have heard several people hype about okrika cloth,  okrika shoes, okrika bags,  caps and so on.  If you think this is the kind of investment you should delve into at this time,  it is not too late.  Sincerely,  it is a big business with a massive market. 

In this article,  we are going to explain the steps involved in starting an okrika business in Nigeria.

Why you should start Okrika Business

Apart from the fact that you want to have a means of survival,  okrika business comes with a lot of benefits which you should also try.  

1. Low capital: You need just a very small amount of capital to start a business in Nigeria. 

2. Large market: Most Nigerians don’t have the dues for high ranking designers and they prefer okrika because is is affordable. The demand is also very high and the supply keeps Dropping.  

3. Ready market: No matter what,  people are ready to buy your okrika.  Everywhere in Nigeria supports okrika because most of the vicinity in Nigeria is made of people with low cost of living. CClothesare necessities of life,  so people have to buy your products anytime. Also,  this is a very affordable price.

4. Imperishable: Okrika are imperishable products and they can be kept for a long time before selling. You can even choose to buy in massive supply from January and sell later in December but I know this is a good business that you can easily sell.  So,  your stocks won’t take long before all is sold off. 

5. Location: You can sell okrika anywhere in Nigeria. It is one of the few products that is flexible enough and can be guaranteed to be purchased in any part of the country.  

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Picture Credit: Weiqi Xiong 

Steps involved in starting okrika business 

If you have up to 10,000 naira and you really want to put your money in a business worth it,  then okrika is a very smart way to go. 

1. Learn the trade

Knowledge is light. If you have the knowledge of okrika business very well before you start the business,  then you can easily start this business.  You need to make sure you have learnt the trade from those that have been in the business way before you.  This is one of the reasons children of okrika sellers are really very good at selling their okrika products. 

If you don’t have a relation selling these products,  then you can just choose to go and work under someone that sells okrika for the time being.  As this progresses,  you can gain enough experience that will be sufficient for you to start your own okrika business. The main traders of okrika can be found in our market and you can talk to them,  meeting the need you have to serve them. 

2. Capital

On a normal ground,  the capital needed to start this business is not that much but you have to be technical about it when it comes to how you want your business to look.  With a very small capital, you can start from your corridor. To go on a large-scale adventure of okrika,  you might need a big store with workers piling up for you and more capital will be needed. 

You can start with as low as 10,000 naira on a Beginners level before you can think of delving into this business with much money. This might not require going to the real market to buy your okrika stock.  You can just buy the leftover clothes and take them to another market to sell.  With that you can start your own business in bits. 

While you can also put more money into your business and invest more. At this point you can browse and select amongst different okrika products and which one to go for.  If you think you have enough capital,  you can open a big okrika store in a okrika house. 

3. Suitable location

Okrika can be sold anywhere but the advice of every business is to look for a place where the demand is high or where you would be easily recognized as an okrika vendor. You can display your goods on the roadside or go directly to the market.  Also,  setting up a big store might not be bad for your business. 

4. Marketing

Okrika is a native product that requires physical marketing. You can start by displaying banners showing that you are selling okrika.  Or even display part of your clothes in a compelling way.  You also make sure that you add perfume to your goods. 

Also,  you can make use of social media to maker’s your products.  Or even created a business card that will let people contact you for there clothes directly. 

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