How To Start a Profitable Castor Bean Farming And Make Millions

Castor Bean Farming
Castor Bean Farming

Castor Bean farming is a lucrative and profitable area of agriculture in Nigeria. This is one crop that is useful in several fields and by several experts.

Castor crop is one of those crops that can thrive anywhere and can adapt to a lot of conditions. It is cultivated mainly for its oil. Castor oil has a lot of potential that is significant to the human body and animals. Normally, it is a personal crop but can also be grown annually under certain conditions.

Castor farming is the planting, harvesting and exporting of castor crops. It is very easy to practice in Nigeria. Many farmers in Nigeria do overlook this kind of herbaceous plant however it is very profitable and lucrative.

Industries of Castor Bean Farming

  1. Soap industry: During saponification of soap, castor oil is added to the ingredients used. It has a high cleansing property such that it enhances the cleansing ability of soap.
  2. Cosmetics industry: Apart from cleansing, Castor extracts are added to cosmetics products because It makes it easy for the ingredients to mix together easily.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry is known to convert or manufacture natural herbs into a better consumed tablet or syrup. It is used as a laxative and enhances induction of labor.
  4. Biofuel Industry: It is also used in the Biofuel Industry for the production of Biofuel due to its high and quality oil content. It also contains a proportionate amount of fatty acid.
  5. Machine Lubricants: Oil is used for lubrication of machines and doing different stuff including greasing a door opening. Due to the high amount of oil, it is used as a lubricant.

Varieties of Castor Bean

Depending on a particular habitat there are several varieties of castor Bean crop. You can choose from this below as they work very well in Nigeria.

  1. TMV5
  2. TMVCH
  3. Sowbhagya
  4. GAUCH-4
  5. KC1, KC2, KC3 and KC4
  6. Aruna
  7. NPH-1
  8. Jwala

Benefits of Castor Bean Farming

  1. Castor is used for the manufacturing of different cosmetics and beauty products including soap, cosmetics and perfumes.
  2. It is also used for making dyes, inks, lubricants for engines and machines etc.
  3. It is also used for aiding labour process during birth
  4. This castor oil can also be used for lighting and creating heats
  5. It is also used for feeding human and animals as it contains health healing oil. You get free from inflammation, acne, scalp, fasten air growths and a host of other uses.
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Picture Credit:  Erik Karits 

How To Start Castor Bean Farming In Nigeria

Land preparation for Castor Bean Farming

The first step is to look for a suitable land for castor farming then prepare it for the planting season. You can use machines to lock and plow the soil or call for laborers to do that for you. Make sure you loosen the soil enough to allow for a good drainage system for air and water.

The site where the land will be located must have the following properties:
The soil should be about 5.0-6.5 PH. It’s a bit acidic.
The temperature requirement if that area must be about 150 to 390 C
Also, the rainfall pattern should fall within 500-600 cm every year to keep your crop growing very well.

Planting the Castor Bean

Look for and purchase healthy and viable seeds from a reliable agriculture store. This will make things easier for you when you finally plant your seeds.

In the ridges made on the farm land, make sure you inject at least a 50 cm difference hole which you will contain at least 2-3 seed in a particular plant. If you are making use of a hectare then you can just go for a 10 kg of seeds to make things more accurate on the farm

Manage nutrients

Before planting you must’ve fertilizer and organic manure to the soil, after planting, it should be the same as well. However, you can make use of natural manures to manage your farm after planting instead of the normal organic fertilizer. However, apply this manure or fertilizer every two weeks. For a hectare, things can be more accurate if you target 20kg of CAN.


A proper irrigation and water running system is required for any kind of crop. Although it might not be that strict for some but for castor Bean you need something worth relying on. You have to water your plants regularly so that the enzymes and organs can keep piling up together. This water stops at its maturity period of 2-4 weeks to harvest.


The effect of unwanted plants growing in a certain farm is disastrous. Weeds are to grow in any field or farm land but their management keeps the farm going. You can make use of your hands to weed the remove unwanted plants or rather make use of emergence herbicide

Control pest and diseases

At some points, the farm will be opened to several pests and diseases due to nutrient deficiency in the castor crops. Funny enough, they will only attack when your yields are good enough. So, make sure you control the pest and manage the diseases that might hit later on.


After 5-6 month, the time for harvesting is already. Advisable not to harvest them all at the same time so that they can still get bigger.


I hope this area of agriculture will get more investors in Nigeria. Nigeria is greatly blessed with lots of resources. Agriculture is a veritable enterprise that can change Nigerian socio-economic space. Castor farming isn’t a wrong one to delve into right now.

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