How to Start a Profitable Mushroom Farming Business – Beginners Guide

Profitable Mushroom Farming Business
Profitable Mushroom Farming Business

This article is about how to start Mushroom farming business. Mushrooms are one of the most overlooked crops in Nigeria. Still the level of consumption by people is rising day by day. While we see this area of farming as a bit feasible, some countries are making a lot of revenue to circulate with mushrooms.

Funny enough we have the requirement of flourishing mushrooms in Nigeria. Without much effort the mushrooms all survive. However, our chances of strategizing and making a suitable mushroom farm business is a blunder. Mostly due to the fact that we take mushrooms as an unimportant crop.

There are cases where people specifically eat this as a meal here in Nigeria. It is also cooked with some other foods. It is even boiled with herbs to improve its potency. Hence the market is large enough. The fact is that many people would not come out to tell you that they eat mushrooms. However, a lot do and if you are looking for a lucrative business you can commit yourself to as soon as possible, then it is mushroom farming.

Meanwhile, the case is different for some people. They really want to try mushroom farming and have heard a lot about it but don’t really understand where to start from or how to progress. This elaborate guide is made to explain in detail every single thing you need to know before starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria.

Facts About Mushroom Farming

  1. Mushrooms grow in a damp area.
  2. It is a fungi that can be cultivated on the land and in woods
  3. Mushroom uses oxygen to survive
  4. It is grown where there is shade or very less indirect sunlight
  5. Some are edible, while others are poisonous.

Benefits of Mushroom

There are several reasons people demand for mushroom, some of which are:

  1. For consumption: Mushrooms like Shiitake and oysters are edible and good for consumption.
  2. There is a certain Button mushroom which helps to reduce weight and maintain the body cholesterol level.
  3. Also, shiitake mushrooms help in fitting tumors and cancerous cells.
  4. If you don’t know, there might be a possible drug for HIV from oyster mushroom

All this shows the extent to which mushroom investment should be solid enough in Nigeria. It will definitely improve our social economic growth and development within the country.

Let’s see how mushroom planting actually works in Nigeria.

Types of Mushroom Required for farming

There are several kinds of mushroom but those that are edible are advisable to cultivate. Not all mushroom pacers are edible while those that are edible have their own simple and unique way of growing.

Some of the edible mushroom for mushroom farming include:

  1. Oysters: This is the most acceptable mushroom grown in Nigeria. They have antioxidant and anti-bacterial enzymes to keep your body safe after eating.
  2. Shiitake: This is another well known variety of mushroom that is mostly grown in the Asian and the Mediterranean region. It is easy to grow.
  3. Morels: It isn’t that popular in Nigeria but it contains different vitamins that helps to persevere the body’s health.

How to start mushroom farming

Mushroom farming is very easy to start. Just the expertise and a little capital is required for you to start mushroom farming. These are the steps involved in mushroom farming in Nigeria:

  1. Choose a variety: The perfect variety for the Nigeria environment is the oysters. Both the market (people who want to buy) and the environmental factors support the growth of mushrooms. Although there are cases where some farmers go for shiitakes. Let’s use oyster as our case study since it is in use.
  2. Prepare the mushroom spawn: For other crops you prepare your seeds or seedlings but here, it is the mushroom spawn. Purchase healthy and viable spawn which would be used for planting. Oyster mushrooms are also grown on logs and that is the reason they are very to cultivate.
  3. Choose Your Planting Method: Choosing your planting method is another important thing that you should do. The two methods are efficient – terrarium and log method – and you have to choose which you prefer most.

Using the popular Log Method

Oysters are mostly grown on logs. It is easier and faster for this kind of mushroom to grow on logs. Below are the steps involved in this method:

  1. Buy hardwoods which support the growth of mushrooms. Make sure that the log is purified enough for mushrooms. In short, treat the log to be used.
  2. Drill holes on the log to plant your mushroom spawn. After which you can cover it with a thin fiber.
  3. Make sure that the log is under a shade or about ¾ under a
    Shade and the mushroom must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Always water the log for some time until the mushroom starts to germinate.

Using Terrarium method

  1. Get a terrarium container, pots or a shallow tray. The plastic terrarium should be placed on a UD or dark surface.
  2. Accumulate or the materials required for the growth of mushrooms. This includes manure, rye meal, vermiculite and sawdust.
  3. Mix all this material together in the terrarium and then start adding the spawn to two inches below the mix.
  4. Place in a shade,cool place and water regularly.

Harvesting the Mushroom

Some weeks later you will notice that the yield of the mushroom is separated from the mushroom bit by bit. Within that period the whole trip would fall off and this means that your mushroom is due for harvest.


Start from a small scale mushroom farm before delving into the large scale. This would put your portfolio ahead of another person.

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