How to Start Pig Farming – Beginner’s Guide.

How to Start Pig Farming
How to Start Pig Farming

Piggery or Pig farming in Nigeria is one of the best businesses with highest and fastest return on investment. Going into this kind of business on a large scale is amazing especially if you have extreme knowledge on how to maximize interests. Pork meat is still very much adopted and consumed by many Nigerians.

Perhaps you won’t lack money in pig farming if you have a rolling number of demand from customers. The pork meat is huge in fat and cholesterol that it sells very fast in the market. Pigs grow very fast and they eat virtually anything available to them. Including the same remains of foods in your household.

You can easily get free remnant of food from friend and families for your pigs. However, adding this to their normal feed is the real deal to boosting their growth. Another reason pigs are worth rearing is the fact that they can give birth to more than 10 offspring at the same time.

This means that the rate of production of pigs is also proportional to the profit you can earn from it while you invest a little of your time. Unfortunately, I have outlined reasons farmers should look into pig farming but it seems most are not seeing pig as a good business alternative. Meanwhile it has a very large market in Nigeria.

A few of those farmers practicing Piggery are basking in money and a stream of income. Of course, pigs are worth all this discussion. That is the reason I will be explaining the steps involved in starting pig farming here in Nigeria.

If farmers and investors can put more effort in the knowledge that will be discussed here, then there might be more investment in piggery soon.

How to start piggery

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Get a Farmland for Breeding

First, you need to get your own land ready. The land should be suitable for the capital investment you would like to put on pig farming. Farmers who are looking to delve into this industry can start with a large scale plot of land.

While large scale farmers are those who are already part of this industry before now can choose to extend it. My advice is that you should give your pigs enough space to move freely and perform all their actions easily. Even large scale farmers can go as far as letting them out to the open and returning them back to their pen to settle down.

Build Modern Pens

There is a difference between traditional pens and modern pens. The modern pens have much more adequate features than the traditional pens.

First, you have to keep spacing in mind when it comes to your pen. If there is not enough or adequate space in the pens, it might result in competition for space. Hence the pigs will injure themselves. This would also be cost effective for you because when you have extra pigs.

You can add them to the pen without spacing issue. Also, make sure that the pen has adequate aeration and a proper drainage system. The land should be made smooth and leveled to prevent stagnation of water which might breed disease causing vectors.

Of course, we all refer pigs to as dirty animals but that is if the farmer is not caring for them or maintaining them.

Have a Running Water and Maintain a Healthy Environment

A pig pen should have a refreshing pool or running water where the pigs can wash off after becoming extra dirty. Buy Healthy Pigs. It is important for you to note this stage. Healthy pigs will survive and adapt easily to a new farm. Their immunity shouldn’t be tampered with yet so that you can always trust them not to break down anytime. This might invite a lot of research about healthy pigs.

Similarly, you can start with a small number of Piglets and perhaps a small piece of capital in order to have a background experience about this trade before choosing to fall into it. Employ Workers if you are not sure about your availability to the pigs, then you should better employ other people to help in managing your pig farm.

Someone must take care of them unless you want to lose your pigs to infections and lack of care. They might even die due to this. This is the reason you need an African professional with background knowledge in pig farming to invest in this or you might just lose your whole farm.

Proper feeding for pigs

This should come after my points of adequate housing but it is also great having it here. Feeding is the only way by which plants and animals get access to nutrients that will help them boost their deficiency. Feed your pigs properly and create an adequate feeding management system for them.

This will boost their development and growth. You can expect fast return on investment on any pig which you are not feeding properly. Just like humans, you need to balance their foods and let them have access to an adequate diet so that they wouldn’t suffer from nutrient deficiency. Finally, do not forget to add clean water to their feeds. They are heavy drinkers and require a high amount of water to survive.


If we have to continue talking about pigs, we might not leave this spot because they are amazing animals which we term insecure to rare. However, Piggery is one of the most profitable business venture you can get into today if you know how to go about it.

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