Ikorodu Bois Biography, Career And Net Worth

Ikorodu Bois Biography, Career And Net Worth

Ikorodu Bois Videos, Age, Instagram, Biography And Net Worth

If you’re from Nigeria, you’ve probably heard of the illustrious Ikorodu Bois. If you’re either a Nigerian or a foreigner who hasn’t heard of the Ikorodu Bois, you’re in for an interesting look inside the world of one of Nigeria’s youngest entertainers.

Artistic expression can take many forms and lead you to unexpected experiences. People who have taken risks to develop their special skills have impacted not only their own lives but also the lives of those who count on them. Let’s take a look into the lives of this youthful, gifted Bois, as we learn about the Ikorodu Bois.

Biography of the Ikorodu Bois

The Ikorodu Bois are a troupe of Nigerian comedians and mimics. They are also known by the alternative name “Ikorodu Boys.” They have gained notoriety by duplicating scenes from high-budget films using ordinary home products and videos that capture their attention. The members of Ikorodu Bois are Babatunde Sanni (23), Maleek Sanni (11), and Muiz Sanni (16), as well as their cousin Fawas Aina (10 years).


The Ikorodu Bios are famous for their parodies of high-budget Hollywood films and music videos, in which they use everyday objects like wheelbarrows to stand in for high-tech sets and props.

The band first started playing together in 2017, when its members decided to start sharing their music online. The group consists of Muiz Sanni, Maleek Sanni, and their cousin Fawas Aina on stage, with their older brother Babatunde Sanni editing films and managing the group.

Named after their neighborhood in Lagos called Ikorodu.

Their Education Qualification

Students from Ikorodu, in the Lagos State province of Nigeria, form the Ikorodu Bois, who attend Conic College. The Sunnis’ older brother, Babatunde, earned a psychology degree from the University of Lagos.

Ikorodu Bois Videos

The Ikorodu Bois have always claimed that their videos are intended to demonstrate their talent while also making people laugh.

They described how they began in 2017 by translating cartoons into Yoruba, and how they went on to imitate a Kanye West music video. They earned a large number of positive comments and likes for their video, indicating that a large number of people appeared to appreciate that. This prompted them to create a video of Dj Cuppy playing her song “Epe,” which a large number of people found extremely amusing. A video of Adesuwa Etomi and her mother, a Nigerian celebrity and the wife of a Nigerian award-winning artist, was also produced.

Ikorodu Bois have replicated a number of multimillion-dollar music videos with ordinary home goods. Among their most notable videos are the following:

Extraction 2, Kaptain Kush’s Bad Boys for Life, Money Heists, Army of the Dead, and a multitude of further movies.

Immediately following Kobe Bryant’s passing, they also constructed a counterfeit of him.

They have also mimicked the music videos of popular artists including DJ Cuppy, Davido, Justin Bieber, and Roddy Rich, among others.

Ikorodu Bois has also imitated well-known figures and celebrities, like as Muhammadu Buhari, Dwayne Johnson, Funke Akindele, and numerous more.

Maleek Sanni’s impersonation of the famous American television host’s speech was one of the most recent acts by the Ikorodu Bois (Steve Harvey). The video was so remarkable that Steve Harvey himself clapped and praised the youngsters for their performance.


The unique comedy company has earned notice and met with a number of celebrities in Nigeria, including Davido, DJ Cuppy and her father (Femi Otedola), Actor Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife, and other notable figures in the entertainment industry.

  • In 2020, Netflix presented Ikorodu Bois with filmmaking equipment in celebration of their exceptional talent and to urge the young guys to achieve more with better equipment.
  • The Ikorodu Bois has also been on CNN to discuss their videos and how their path to popularity began.
  • Ikorodu Bois attended the premiere of Russo Brothers’ Extraction 2 after the group re-enacted the film’s trailer.
  • In April 2021, Ikorodu Bois were included in a Netflix Oscar Weekend Film Brand Campaign, which was on display at New York City’s Times Square.
  • Wills Smith, Russo Brothers, Davido, Alvaro Morte, Zack Snyder and many more have praised them.
  • The teenage filmmakers/impressionists recently received additional international fame from Steve Harvey when they appeared live on his television program.

The year 2021 has been an incredible one for the young stars, who have gotten recognition from the governor of Lagos state when they visited him. The year is not yet over, and we still anticipate more from the outstanding young men of Ikorodu.


The youthful impressionists have been nominated for this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in the category of Favorite African Social Media Star. However, they did not win, as they were defeated by Emmanuella, a popular Nigerian comedienne.

If you are eager to view their videos and follow them on Instagram, you may find them in the following manner.

Ikorodu Bois Instagram handle:

Please discover the Instagram handle of the Ikorodu Bois listed below in order to follow their videos. You may find them on Instagram by searching for @ikorodu bois.

The Ikorodu have almost one million verified Twitter followers at the time this story was written.

Ikorodu Bois Net Worth (2022)

As a youthful, successful comedy group, the Ikorodu Bois is estimated to be worth $20,000 to $26,000. (N7,200,000 – N9,360,00). We feel that due to their increasing popularity, the young lads will be worth more in the future.