Iyabo Ojo Biography, Career And Net Worth

Iyabo Ojo Biography, Career And Net Worth

Iyabo Ojo Age, Biography, Husband, Children & Net-worth (2023)

Alice Iyabo Ojo is an accomplished Nigerian film actress, director, and producer. She has appeared in more than 150 films and created more than 14 of her own.

Iyabo Ojo Biography

Alice Iyabo Ogunro Iyabo Ojo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, while her father was from Abeokuta, Ogun State. She was the youngest of three siblings, with two brothers older than her. Prior to studying Estate Management at the Lagos State Polytechnic, she attended secondary school at National College, Gbagbada in Lagos.

Iyabo Ojo, who participated in a high school theatre club, began her acting career in 1998. She registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) with Bimbo Akintola’s support, and she was also prepared to network with other individuals.

Numerous Nigerian films have been written and directed by the Nollywood celebrity. In 1998, she debuted in the English-language film “Satanic,” in which she played her first role. In 2002, she played her first role in Baba Darijinwon, her Yoruba-language debut. In January 2015, the premiere of her film Silence, starring Joseph Benjamin Alex Usifo, Fathia Balogun, and Doris Simeon, took place at the Silverbird Cinemas in Ikeja, Lagos.

Ojo began producing her own films in 2004. Her initial work was Bolutife, and she subsequently produced works such as Bofeboko, Ololufe, Esan, and Okunkun Biribiri. However, the Nollywood star divorced her hubby before her popularity began.

In 1999, at the age of 21, she married a movie marketer from Lagos and took a brief sabbatical from her career. She gave birth to a boy and a daughter, Felix Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo, in 1999 and 2001, respectively, but is now divorced from their father. She attributes the dissolution of her first marriage to her early union. She has stated that she intends to stop using her ex-surname, husband’s Ojo.

In May of 2011, Iyabo Ojo founded the Pinkies Foundation, an organization that assists children with unique needs and, consequently, the disadvantaged. On the first of May in 2016, she celebrated the fifth anniversary of the foundation at the R&A City Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

Iyabo Ojo Children

Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress and mother of two, has uploaded a photo of herself and her grown children heading out in elegance.

In the photograph, the 42-year-old actress wore a beautiful black dress and gold hair as she stood with her children, Priscilla and Festus, who were also serving happiness.

Iyabo Ojo Husband (Kunle Ojo)

The reunion between Iyabo Ojo’s children and their father over the weekend was heartwarming. It was an emotional reunion when Precilla and Festus Oo saw their father, Mr. Kunle ojo, as Mr. ojo states. The lovely children, who couldn’t contain their excitement after the reunion, turned to Instagram to inform Twitter followers and friends of what transpired when they reunited with their father, whom they hadn’t seen since 2012.

Iyabo Ojo is unmarried and does not appear to be actively seeking a husband. She claims that despite having a man she loves, they will not be getting married anytime soon. The actress is at ease and receives outstanding support from her lover.

In May, on Mother’s Day, Iyabo Ojo posted a video of herself crying as she spoke about the obstacles she had to overcome before achieving success in the Nigerian film business.

The Actress narrated her experience from the beginning of the dispute with her spouse till she gave birth to her first son and second daughter due to abstract poverty.

She stated that she gave birth to her first child in church and her second child in her bedroom due to the poverty that once befell her and her family.

All of these confessions were made by the actress in the viral film she created to honor all moms from all walks of life for their efforts to provide a better life for their children; to celebrate the international mother’s day.

In the video, she claims her husband left her on their wedding night, claiming he never loved her and only married her because of her first pregnancy. Apparently, it has just been uncovered that the actress misled a large number of her followers. Reports Kemiashefonlovehaven.

“She and Mr. Ojo were never married. They had two children, Festus and Priscy, but never married. Kemi Ashefon learned from irate friends of Iyabo Ojo’s former spouse that no legal ties bind Iyabo and Ojo together.

Iyabo Ojo Age, Birthday & Year

Iyabo Ojo was born on March 7th, 1977. Currently, the Nollywood star is 44 years old. She celebrated with family, friends, colleagues, and admirers around the country.

Iyabo Ojo Net-worth (2023) – $500,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential people in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000 and a number of outstanding, eye-catching films that have achieved massive sales.

Iyabo Ojo is one of the few Nigerian actresses who have already left their mark on the Nigerian film business, given how influential she has been over the past few years. Iyabo Ojo’s personal life, career, and numerous other accomplishments in the past have made her so popular that she is well-known across Nigeria and Africa.

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