Josephine Edochie Biography, Career And Net Worth

Josephine Edochie Biography, Career And Net Worth

Josephine Edochie (Pete Edochie Wife) Bio, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Pete Edochie, a renowned Nollywood actor, is married to Josephine Edochie. In today’s article, you’ll learn more about Josephine Edochie’s life story, work, family, and love interests, as well as her age, net worth, and other interesting facts.

Pete Edochie’s wife Josephine is a person who naturally doesn’t fancy social life; she prefers to live a quiet life, and this has been the reason why much curiosity is being raised about her as people really want to know her better. It seems to be a common thing with celebrities as their spouse is not always that popular, except for a few of them.

Introducing Josephine Edochie, Pete Edochie’s wife: bio, facts, and age
We decided to write a thorough piece about her and share interesting facts about Pete Edochie’s wife because many Nigerians and movie fans have been curious about who Pete Edochie’s wife is.

It makes sense to briefly introduce Josephine Edochie to you before moving on to her biography and net worth.

Josephine Edochie Profile

Full Name: Josephine Edochie
Gender Female
Date of birth/Age N/A
Age: N/A
Native language: Igbo
State of Origin: Anambra State
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital to: Pete Edochie
Children: 6 (5 males, 1 female)
Occupation: Lawyer, Broadcaster, Announcer & Businesswoman

You’ll be curious to learn more about her now that you know a little bit about her. Learn more about Josephine Edochie’s biography, her net worth, her marriage to Pete Edochie, her children, her job, and other details by reading this article.

Early Life

Josephine Edochie, an Igbo woman who was raised in a traditional African manner, was born in Anambra State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. She is extensively exposed to Igbo culture and moral values.

Josephine Edochie’s age and birthdate are unclear to the general public because a lot of the details of her early life are not made available to the media.

One thing is for sure: Josephine Edochie is well educated, and her job and exposure make this clear. It shows in everything she does.


Even if Josephine Edochie hadn’t married a famous person, her career is what has made her the person she is today.

We learned about Josephine Edochie’s qualifications as a successful entrepreneur, broadcaster, and lawyer via information gleaned from a variety of online sites.

Marriage of Josephine Edochie

Pete Edochie, a well-known Nollywood veteran and the love of her life, is blissfully married to Josephine Edochie. One of the longest marriages in the Nigerian entertainment industry, they have been together for more than 50 years.

The two young lovers met while working together in the broadcasting sector, and it was via this connection that they fell in love and were wed young.

They have wonderful children who are succeeding in their various career paths, including one who is well-known as “Yul Edochie,” a top-rated actor in Nollywood and the family’s last child, as well as another known as Linc Edochie. Their marriage is also blessed with everything a couple could hope for.

Five of Josephine Edochie and Pete Edochie’s children are male and one is female, and their names are listed in order of eldest to youngest;

  • Leo Edochie
  • Uche Edochie
  • Linc Edochie
  • Gene Edochie
  • A daughter whose name isn’t made available to the public domain
  • Yul Edochie

Josephine Edochie Husband

A link to that will be provided after this brief summary of Pete Edochie. We already have a well-written piece on Josephine Edochie’s husband’s biography and net worth that includes his age, career, worth, children, wife, and other key family information.

Pete Edochie, who was born on March 7th, 1947, had a very quick childhood because he accomplished a lot and was financially secure by the time he was in his 20s. His work is impressive enough to encourage young Nigerians, and he married his wife Josephine Edochie at a fairly young age.

Veteran of the Nigerian film business, Pete Edochie is a positive role model for the country’s up-and-coming actors and actresses.

He is a well-known actor in Nigeria who has won various national and international accolades. A Nigerian or African who claims they are unaware of Pete Edochie will seem odd because his name is now well-known both within Nigeria and outside of the country.

Pete Edochie’s career began when he appeared in the NTA rendition of Things Fall Apart, a best-selling book by Chinua Achebe in which he played the part of Okonkwo.

The following is a list of some of Pete Edochie’s films:

  1. Heavy Battle (2008)
  2. Test Your Heart (2008)
  3. Greatest Harvest (2007)
  4. Secret Pain (2007)
  5. Fair Game (2006)
  6. Holy Cross (2006)
  7. Lacrima (2006)
  8. Living with Death (2006)
  9. Never End (2005)
  10. No More War (2005)
  11. Price of Ignorance (2005)
  12. Across the Niger (2004)
  13. Coronation (2004)
  14. Above Death: In God We Trust (2003)
  15. Arrows (2003)
  16. Billionaires Club (2003)
  17. Egg of Life (2003)
  18. Honey (2003)
  19. Love & Politics (2003)
  20. Miserable Wealth (2003) and so many more…