List of Fast Growing Crops You Can Harvest Within 1 Year.

List of Fast Growing Crops You Can Harvest Within 1 Year
List of Fast Growing Crops You Can Harvest Within 1 Year

Hey, if you are on this page, you are looking for those fast growing crops you can go for in 2021. Yes, I have outlined a list of 11 fast-growing palms to grow in 2021.

These crops grow within a period of 3 months to one year. They are also very profitable and do not require full-time energy.

Listed below are Fast Growing Crops You Can Harvest Within 1 Year.


Tomatoes are consumed by more than 500 million people around the world. Most foods require the delicacy of tomatoes. Several industries also manufacture this tomato into tomato paste and other tomato products. All this means that tomatoes have a very large market.

Tomatoes can be planted and harvested within 3-4 months. Hence, farmers can plant tomatoes at least 3 times a year and they mature very well. It does not come with many risks and it is one of those crops that adapt to many conditions at a time.

If you plant these varieties of tomatoes: Varieties: Platinum F1, Sahara F1, Cobra 26 F1, Maxim F1, Kilele F1 etc, then you should expect a short period of harvesting. However, you should at least set up a proper water management system, irrigation and drainages, to improve their growth and health.


This is another crop that grows within a limited period of 3-4 months, so it has 4 different planting periods within a year. That’s quite good for a leguminous crop known for its high amount of proteins.

They are used for several purposes including feeding for humans and animals. Soybeans contain high protein and contain a lot of oil as well.

The principle of farming needs to be taken into consideration for Soybeans if you want to get the best out of their planting.


You are probably surprised about Watermelon coming up in this list but it takes a short period for Watermelon to mature and become due for harvesting.

Within 3 months, farmers can harvest their watermelons. That is only if they had done the needful and managed their watermelon farms very well. Even without that, they can still get their watermelon within the 3-month interval but not as productive for a normal farm.

The fact is that to plant water smelling 3-4 times a year requires proper farm maintenance. You should weed regularly, add adequate fertilisers to the farm and follow the rules behind WaterMelon planting.

I wouldn’t recommend this for those in the southern part of Nigeria because watermelon tends to grow better and faster in a hot and dry climate like that of the Northern part of the country.

In summary, watermelon grows within 3-4 months in a low humid environment where proper farming practises are taken into consideration.

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Most of us eat okra just like how some admire jute leaves (ewedu). It is used for soup and also has a very large market for farmers. Farmers get optimum results and yields from growing okra if they are ready for it.

Okra requires less capital and it is one of the top crops I do recommend for backyard farming in Nigeria. It doesn’t require a lot of stress. You can harvest your okra within a period of 35 to 40 days after planting.

Ewedu (Jute leaves)

I tried jute leaves several times in my backyard and within a month, I reap the fruit of my labour. I can’t remember ever doing anything special to that small farm except spraying water on it.

Regardless, you should practice your normal farm management on a jute farm. It is very popular and also eaten by many people so It is sold and bought by many individuals.

If you don’t know, one acre of ewedu farm can give you up to 500,000 return on investment. Even more than this if you are ready to put your time and effort into this. This means you can close up to 6 million in a year on just ewedu farming.


During my secondary school days, maize is grown at the beginning of the term and then harvested during our 10th – 11th week in school. At that time, it is fully ripened for harvesting. This is because we manage the farm efficiently and the irrigation system is very efficient.

Some important advice I will give you is to plant healthy and viable seeds, an efficient irrigation system, proper fertiliser application, adequate spacing, and most importantly keep an eye on your farm.

Another thing is that there are different varieties available for a maize farm. Plants that will grow very well in the environment of your farm. It must adapt easily to the environment and edaphic factors on the farm to improve growth.


This is the case for many manufactured foods in Nigeria. It is harvested within 6-10 months after planting. It generates a lot of income for farmers once they have a good marketing connection.

Cassava is that root crop used for making Garri, fufu, chips, flour, semo, starch etc. This means the cassava market is also very large. It generates a lot of income for both small scale and large scale farmers because it is one of the basic industrial raw materials.


Cucumber is harvested within 3 months of planting. It is very profitable and requires less investment. Farmers can make huge profits from cucumber within a limited period.

West African countries trade cucumber in the international market. Hence, providing another stream of revenue. This goes to show how profitable and appreciated cucumber farming can be.
It is great seeing some of our favorite crops being harvested within 3 months to a year. However, the tag is only if we can manage them well.

This is where we will draw the curtains about short term crops. I hope you enjoyed and picked value from reading this post.

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