Mike Ezuruonye Biography, Career And Net Worth

Mike Ezuruonye Biography, Career And Net Worth

Mike Ezuruonye, Biography, Wife, Daughter, House, Age, Parents & Net Worth

Over the years, the Nollywood industry has produced talented, skilled, innovative, and well-known actors whose impact has been felt throughout Africa. Mike Ezuruonye, who hails from the Nigerian town of Uzoakoli in the Abia State, is widely regarded as one of the country’s finest actors.

Mike Ezuruonye’s Biography

He was born in Lagos on September 21, 1982. Before enrolling at Nnamdi Azikiwe University to study accounting, he attended the Federal Government College (FGC) in Wukari, Taraba, as well as the Archbishop Aggey Memorial school in Lagos. He was a banker before to deciding to become an actor. He has appeared in multiple Nollywood films. In 2008 and 2009, he was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. The Nollywood actor was nominated for the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actor.

Mike formerly worked in a bank before deciding to pursue a career as an actor, as he acknowledged during an interview with Vanguard. Mike was encouraged to pursue a career in acting by his close buddy Dayo Amusa, who had extensive connections with prominent film actors. Mike recognized during the initial interview that the impression he made, the energy and vibes he exuded were not helpful, and he resolved to invest more fervor and commitment, which has given positive results.

Broken Marriage, which was released in 2003, marked his debut in the film industry. This was a significant boost for the Nollywood actor, as he discovered that his present earnings were more encouraging than his previous earnings as a banker.

A few years after his debut, the Nigerian film actor has risen to stardom and is presently one of the most recognizable faces in the Nollywood industry. In 2018, the Nigerian film diva made her debut in the well-known comedy film named ” Divorce not Allowed.” He explained why the video was made, emphasizing that it was simply due to the significant obstacles couples confront. Their unwillingness to persevere in the face of adversity, misunderstanding, or any marriage-related concerns led to the dissolution of their households. Further, he emphasized that such marital issues among young couples and their resolution are the cause of so many broken homes and a lack of understanding prior to embarking on such an endless journey.

It is not uncommon for Nollywood stars to express an interest in politics, and Mike Ezuruonye is no exception. However, the Nollywood actor has no immediate plans to do so. The Nigerian film star and director has been performing in Nollywood for over 15 years and counting, which demonstrates his extensive experience over the years. He has earned the respect of both his fans and his peers.

Mike Ezuruonye’s Parents

His parents produced five children. Mike, the eldest of four siblings, has previously described his family as stable, respectable, and quite comfortable. Mike is also the older brother, whereas Chichi is a physician in the United Kingdom.

Mike Ezuruonye Wife

The Nigerian film actor and Nkechi Nnorom tied the knot in September 2010. His white wedding ceremony took place in the Folawiyo Bankole Methodist Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Chichi, his younger sister, practices medicine in the United Kingdom. During the 2009 filming of one of his films in Abuja, they were acquainted. Nkechi Nnorom, Mike’s wife, resided and worked as a psychologist in Canada. After her return to Nigeria, the couple began a romance that ultimately led to their marriage. The couples are currently blessed with two children: a stunning boy named Raynold Nkembuchim, who was born in October 2011; and a beautiful little girl.

Mike has shared numerous photographs of his son on Instagram, but none of his daughter. Many believe that the Nollywood celebrity is merely reserved. as well as a person who does not enjoy showing off in front of his family.

How Old is Mike Ezuruonye?

Mike Ezuruonye was born on September 21st, 1982. Currently, the renowned actor is 39 years old. His annual birthday is warmly commemorated by family, friends, coworkers, and fans around the nation.

Mike Ezuruonye’s Net Worth (2022) – $ 3,000,000

The renowned actor is one of the most influential people in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $3 million and a number of outstanding, eye-catching films that have garnered enormous sales, not to mention the endorsement deals and businesses that he has secured.

Mike Ezuruonye is one of the few Nigerian actors who have already left their stamp on the Nigerian film industry, considering her recent influence. Having said all of this, Mike Ezuruonye’s personal life, career, and numerous other accomplishments in the past have made him so well-known in Nigeria and Africa that he is well-known throughout the continent.

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