Monalisa Chinda Biography, Career And Net-worth (2023)

Monalisa Chinda Biography, Career And Net-worth (2023)

Monalisa Chinda Family, Age, Biography & Net-worth (2023)

Monalisa Chinda is a Nigerian actress, film director, television personality, and media figure who has had a significant impact on the Nollywood industry. She is highly recognized as one of Nollywood’s top actors due to her perfect performance.

Monalisa Chinda’s Biography

Monalisa Chinda was born to Ikwerre parents in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She is the first child in her family, which consists of two sons and four daughters. She attended Army Children’s School GRA for her primary education, followed by Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ School, Elelenwo. Both schools are located in Nigeria’s Port Harcourt. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Port Harcourt.

Monalisa’s first significant film was 1996’s Pregnant Virgin. After graduating in 2000, she starred in Above the Law and has since been in numerous additional films.

Her rise to fame began in 2007 when she began starring in the television soap opera Heaven’s Gate. In 2011, she made her debut as Executive Producer on the Royal Arts Academy film Kiss & Tell, which she co-produced with Emem Isong and was directed by Desmond Elliot. In 2012, she was the first of four Nollywood actors to appear on the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine. In November of 2014, the actress will begin her new talk program entitled “You & I with Monalisa.”

Monalisa is heavily interested in charitable work. In her column (Monalisa Code) published in the Saturday edition of The Sun Newspapers, she discusses social issues and relationships. She is also a consultant at Royal Arts Academy, a renowned media school for fostering fresh acting, directing, and screenplay talent.

Monalisa on her interveiw with Vanguard

Whenever you have the luxury of conversing with Monalisa Chinda, you will be immediately drawn to two aspects of her. They are her candor and modesty. This past week, Showtime Celebrity took her on a trip through her history, present, and even her future, highlighting these characteristics. Lisa reveals for the first time a variety of concerns about her sexual love, failed marriage, and successes. She mostly affirms that she has rediscovered love, but does not rule out the possibility of giving marriage a second shot. Enjoy!!! Find love once more Does one still have faith in love? Monalisa Chinda I think insanely.

The reason for our existence is love. If you wish to persuade someone to do something, it is not sufficient to rely on emotion; you must also be genuine. Are you religious? I’m from a spiritual background. I am an Anglican, and all of the moral precepts I learned as a child remain in effect to this day. I was a member of my church choir when I was seven years old. I attended a convent school, Archdeacon Memorial Grammar School, which is an Anglican school. I’m quite religious. How did you feel after the murder of your father? Every day that passes, I think of that man.

God be with his soul He was the reason I am doing what I am doing right now. My late father was a benefactor. He would give the remaining cash in his pocket to those in need. I resembled my father, although my mother was a career woman. My father ensured that his children were adequately cared for, regardless of the consequences. He was an honest cook who lived the majority of his life in Germany.

Regarding my knowledge, my father was German. He was constantly proactive in ensuring that his children’s needs were met. However, my mother had a profession prior to her retirement. We learned that you are about to join a second marriage. Is it true? I might desire to remarry. In truth, I’m meant to be subordinate to someone. I cannot deny my preference for this’single mother terminology. However, when there is no one around, one is bound to become accustomed to things. Because I’ve been there before, it’s not a “do-or-die” situation, but anything I’m getting to do now must be done correctly. I do not subscribe to the school of thought where the first and possibly the second occurred. No, any big action I must take in order to settle down again must be appropriate.

I am incapable of making another error. However, I will be able to remarry. I adhere to the fundamentals of marriage. Whether you desire it or not, marriage might be preferable. How soon do you anticipate settling down? I honestly do not comprehend this, and I am currently unable to tell. Have you rediscovered love? It does neither belong here nor there. I am a fanatic who enjoys loving. Recently, it had been rumored that you had discovered love again? Is there a problem with that? I just responded to you that I absolutely enjoy liking. What else does one wish to comprehend . Your fans would like to know if there is a man in your life currently. Yes, there is a somebody in my life. Right, Lanre Nzeribe? No comment. This is frequently my personal life.

People assert that you are simply pregnant for him? You will realize I am not pregnant. Obviously, I am not pregnant with anyone’s child. What do you most lament about your past? One of the things I regret the most is being divorced. In my family, I am the oldest daughter. It has never been documented in my family’s history that the first daughter would leave her marital home. But it was a matter of life and death; otherwise, I would have stayed and attempted to save my marriage.

I try to make it work, but a tango requires two partners. That is my only regret, having to raise my child without the father. It is somewhat painful. I am even required to measure with it. This is preferable to exposing my daughter to any and all forms of domestic violence. It will undoubtedly damage her upbringing and disorient her. She will become dysfunctional. God is a master of simplicity. Perhaps I should have been more cautious.

Age, Birthday & Year

Monalisa Chinda was born on the 13th of September in 1974. Currently, the Nollywood star is 37 years old. She celebrated with family, friends, colleagues, and admirers around the country.

Monalisa Chinda’s Net-worth (2023) –  $1,000,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential individuals in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of N1 million (about US$100,000) and a number of extraordinary, eye-catching films that have achieved massive sales.

Considering how prominent she has been in recent years, Monalisa Chinda is one of the few Nigerian actresses who have already left their mark on the Nigerian film industry. Having said all of this, Monalisa Chinda’s personal life, career, and other other accomplishments in the past have made her so well-known that she is well-known throughout Nigeria and Africa.

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