Profitable Pig Farming For Beginners – 3 Ideas

Pig Farming
Pig Farming

This article is about pig farming for beginners. The Ideas and strategies required for effective pig farming. Pig farming is one of the most lucrative and sustainable businesses in Nigeria. Pig is one of the most productive livestock reared by farmers. It is widely known for its fat production purposes.

However, many dispute it because of religion or their kind of lifestyle referred to as dirty. All the same, this article will be for pigs and why they are very essential to other factors in the habitat.

We are going to explain how they grow, what they need to grow, how capable they are, how they can be improved and so many other reasons. Follow us as we delve into the whole process of rearing pigs in 2021. 

What You Should Know about Poultry Farming Business

Except for the fact that pigs are animals that produce high amounts of fat and perhaps have meats called pork, you might not know many other things about them. These features are very important and need to be monitored before you can think of rearing pigs. 

  1. They have a short gestation period that lasts three months, three weeks and three days (about 114 days). This is unlike many other animals that have their physique.
  2. They have the highest conversion rate for their meat called pork. The amount of livestock feed needed by this animal is way fewer than others when it comes to giving back the highest quantity of meat.
  3. The meat, flesh and other fat qualities of this animal are way more than the other animals. When you measure the bone relative to the meat, you will easily notice this.
  4. You need very little capital or investments and you are going to make a lot of profit that you can still invest in the business. 
  5. The investment is low, the meat is high, low bones, low extra cost and most importantly you can sell them anytime with additional profit. They gain weight and convert nutrients a lot.
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Picture Credit: Kenneth Schipper Vera 

The Features Of A Good Pig Farming Business

Like every other animal (even human beings), there are requirements for survival. A pig farmer must ensure that he is taking proper care of his livestock. There are three main features to look at when it comes to proper care: I pigs and everything should be satisfied.

1.  Good Feeding Plan for your Pig farming business

Pigs are omnivorous animals that can feed on grasses, kitchen waste, meats, food remains and so on. They have quite a stomach to digest any kind of food no matter the source. 

Livestock feed is arguably the space that used the highest cost of production when it comes to reading livestock. For an animal like a pig, their feed can take up to the 75% mark of your total capital and they might even be the one to throw a pig farmer out of business if it is not properly monitored. 

Even if you aren’t giving them adequate feed nutrients, you still spend up to an average of 50% cost for feed. Just know that you are reducing the yield of your pig farming business in bits because those animals are supposed to have an adequate, balanced diet. 

Some of the well known feeds for pig farming businesses are: 

  1. Breeders’ mash should be fed to the Breeder pig. It contains about 15% protein which keeps them in a fit kind of style without too much fat.
  2. Creep feed also helps the young piglet grow rapidly. The protein composition of creep feed is about %22.
  3. Fatteners mash is given to pigs to improve their body fat. During the growth of pigs, they require fatteners that will supplement their body fat if possible. This Fatteners Mash offer has protein content. 
  4. The highest producing pigs have an average weight of 60-90kg by their 7th month age and the feed that will give them extra weight would be fed at 2 to 3 kg per day until they have gotten to this junction.

2. Housing for Profitable Pig Farming

Should we say nothing is more important than having adequate shelter after good food. This keeps the pig from adverse conditions that might affect its growth and lifestyle later on. Mostly the houses of pigs are sheds that protect them from harsh climatic factors and environmental conditions. In a big house, there are certain important things to note which improves their survival in the house. These survival factors in the housing of a pig include:

  1. It should be very accessible to wind and ventilation hence should be constructed at the focus of winds
  2. It is better to keep them away from residential areas or estates because of the loud, disturbing sound which might affect others.
  3. It should not be like a normal house like that, just a shed is proper for pigs.
  4. The roof should be made of asbestos or aluminium sheet. The floor should be waterproofed, hard and most importantly easy to clean. 
  5. There should be a certain place where the food of pigs will be kept. Also, you should provide adequate space in the house of these pigs or they will compete for space and this is strenuous for them.

3. Health Plan for the Pig Farming Business

Health they say is wealth. This has the same instinct here. Such that a farmer needs healthy livestock to improve his productivity. Without healthy livestock, many things will be lost by the farmer.

The efficiency of your cost will be wasted because you will have to spend a lot in maintaining the disease and sickness of your pig. This applies to other livestock as well. 

Below are the most important factors to look out for when it comes to the health of this animal (pigs in particular). They are more open to any infection due to their body fat, so you have to look out for that as well. 

  1. Clean the feeders, watering can and the feed rooms or spaces of the pigs very well. This is because the feed of the pig might not be the problem, it might be the equipment that surrounds the feed.
  1. To prevent communicable diseases amongst these pigs, isolate sick animals if you found one. After treating the victim, return it to the middle of other pigs.
  2. Most importantly clean the pens of these pigs. If possible, clean them every single day because they might harbour pathogens and viruses.
  3. Vaccinate the pigs regularly to maintain body health. 

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