Robert Burale Biography And Net Worth

Robert Burale Biography And Net Worth

Robert Burale Wife, Age, Tribe, Biography And Net Worth

People become familiar with certain names as a result of something they must have heard about the person, the person’s Influence on other people and on them, or the person’s level of popularity.

Robert Burale, one of these notable African figures, will be discussed in this article. Who is Robert Burale then?

Biography of Robert Burale

Actor, event host, image consultant, marketing strategist, and motivational and inspirational speaker. He established a Leadership School. He founded and serves as CEO of Readily Bold Company. He is a prominent public figure who speaks at events and in the business world.

He has subsequently been hailed as the best MC in Kenya and the sixth-best in Africa. He is one of the most fashionable men and most polished public speakers. He is a fashion panelist renowned for his imposing demeanor and fervent passion for both male and female fashion. Host, Motivational Speaker, Image Consultant, Public Relations Specialist, and Market Strategist are his current job titles.

Israel is Robert Burale’s given name. Robert Burale, a Kenyan citizen who is 45 years old, was born on March 14, 1976, and he attended Musa Gitau Primary School in Kiambu County. He continued his education at Bungoma High School, where he discovered his acting interest. The United Kingdom’s De Mont Forte University awarded him a degree in business and marketing. The United Graduate College and Seminary International has awarded him an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in the Humanities.

Age: 45 years old.

Let’s discuss the ethnicity and nationality of our speaker.

Nationality of Robert Burale

Robert Burale is a native of Kenya. He was born in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. As stated previously, he is a motivational speaker and gospel preacher.

Let’s go a little more into his career and activities.

Robert Burale’s Career

Robert created the talk show ‘Naked Truth,’ which encouraged people to express their emotions freely in order to solve society’s problems. Not only in Kenya, but also in other African nations, a large number of people have found this program to be quite useful. The man of God continues to introduce new, innovative ideas and skills that rekindle the program’s fire.

Naked Truth has sought opportunities outside of Kenya to showcase its talent and serve as a source of inspiration for young people worldwide. The author of Robert Burale’s book, The Naked Truth, traveled to various locations in the United States as well as London.

Mr. Burale was also a commentator on Citizen TV’s Show-fashion watch, which was hosted by the attractive Lilian Muli. Unfortunately, the show ended a year ago, but it sparked viewers’ interest in fashion.

However, it is KTN’s “Command Your Morning” show that brings out this motivational speaker’s strange religious side. As the show’s host, a variety of religious figures are given a platform to convey the word of God by providing mind-blowing insight into the moral and spiritual standards we should uphold.

Robert Burale is married, yes. We will respond to this question next.

Robert Burale’s Wife

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out if he’s available or taken. He was, to be honest. In 2012, Robert met his ex-wife at a gospel event. This Robert Burale marriage marked the end of his bachelorhood and welcomed marriage, and the union was solemnized despite some opposition from Robert Burale’s parents. After five months of courtship, Robert Burale’s wife wed the pastor as a lifelong commitment.

He was fortunate to be the father of a daughter, who is now 16 years old. However, it is evident that his ex-wife is not the mother of his daughter, as they were married in 2012 for only one year. It is safe to assume that Robert Burale and Rozinah Mwakideu did not have any children throughout their marriage.

His Net Worth

It is estimated that Burale’s automobile is worth 5 million Kenyan Shillings. Additionally, he has a 7 million Kenyan Shilling home in Karen. His net worth is anticipated to exceed Ksh 50 million by 2022.