Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku Biography, Age and Family

Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku Biography, Age and Family

Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku Biography, Age, Family

The life story of Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku Third wife of South African Pastor and reality TV personality Uthando Nesthembu, Thobile MaKhumalo.

She is also a businesswoman, public speaker, TV and radio personality, actor, and Musa Nesthembu’s wife.

The biography of Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, her age, her family, her parents, her husband, her work, her educational background, and her net worth are all covered in this page.

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku Profile

Name                   Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku

Date of Birth       February 21, 1989

Age.                       32 years old

Nationality          South African

Occupation          Actress, Tv Personality

Spouse                 Musa Mseleku

Net Worth          Under Review

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku Biography

According to her Twitter feed, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku is MaChiliza noKhumalo’s second child.

She is the star of the family program Uthando Nesthembu and the wife of South African Pastor Musa Mseleku.

Based on her husband and his wives’ polygamous lifestyle, the South African show explores polygamy.

Makhumalo, who is currently 32 years old, was born on February 21st, 1989. She resides in South Africa’s Port Shepstone.


Born on February 21, 1989, actress Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku is 32 years old.

MaKhumalo Mseleku Husban

Musa Mseleku, a former South African journalist, businessman, and pastor, is the spouse of Thobile Makhumalo.

He has written a number of works, including Life and Polygamy. “Life and Polygamy,” a memoir written by Mseleku, describes his way of life.

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku Education & Career

Despite the fact that the public is not aware of Makhumalo’s educational background, she acknowledged that she is a businesswoman.

Sue began acting when she was a young adult, although she is best recognized for her work on the family program Uthando Nesthembu.

Polygamy Life

Thobile Makhumalo expressed sorrow about her decision to enter a polygamous marriage when discussing her polygamous lifestyle and family.

She warned others against leading polygamous lifestyles but claimed she didn’t regret choosing to wed the man she adored.

Also, Makhumalo claimed that polygamy picked her rather than the other way around for her marriage. She continued by saying that she didn’t chose to live with her spouse.

She did, however, fall for his demeanor, temperament, and love for his wife.

Uthando Nesthembu Wives

MaCele Busisiwe is the first wife, followed by MaYeni Nokhukhanya.

MaNgwabe Mbali (38) and then Thobile Makhumalo.

Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku Child

Mpilonhle Mseleku, a teenager, is the stepdaughter of actress Thobile MaKhumalo. Particularly on social media, they are frequently spotted together.

Although Makhumalo is parenting her stepdaughter Mpilo, she does not have a biological kid of her own.

Net Worth

Makhumalo Net Worth is still under review. However, she’s estimated to be worth about $200k – $500k.

Makhumalo Instagram

Follow Thobile Makhumalo on Instagram @thobilek. Also on Twitter.