Top 6 best freelance writing websites for content writers

Top 6 best freelance writing websites for content writers

Since the beginning of the COVID-19-mandated closure, freelance writing has been one of this decade’s most in-demand professions. With the ability to work remotely and the possibility of working for multiple employers, online writing careers satisfy the desires of numerous individuals.

With a saturated job market, it can be difficult to discover online freelance writing jobs that pay well. This article lists the best websites for content writers to find freelance writing employment, for both beginners and professionals.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr, a marketplace where consumers can acquire professional skills for as little as $5 per assignment, is the second best website for freelance content writers.

Registration and payment are necessary for a customer to request a writing task on Fiverr. Then, if the gig is accepted, the person applying for the job and the person proposing the job have a conversation to determine the terms of the “contract.”

Since everything that can be provided digitally, including writing jobs, can be completed on this freelance writing website, the variety of remote freelance writing projects that can be posted on Fiverr is unfathomable.

2. is the third-best freelance website for content writers. is an outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and freelancing marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses.

It utilises an escrow system in which the contracting company transmits funds to prior to the content writer commencing work. pays the worker after the freelance writing task has been completed and an agreement has been reached by all parties.

At the conclusion of each project, companies and freelancers are evaluated by their counterparts, and using a point allocation system, they establish their reputation on the site.

  • has acquired several outsourcing marketplaces, including and (Sweden),
  • LimeExchange (a former business of Lime Labs LLC, United States),
  • (Canada) – one of the pioneers in freelancing -,
  • Booking Center, (Germany),
  • (United Kingdom),
  • (United States of America) (Argentina – Spain). designates its users as either employers or freelancers. Employers are individuals or organisations seeking to outsource their work, whereas freelancers are professionals who, after completing their profiles, offer to perform a job. enables freelancers to take exams and demonstrate their skills by earning certificates that are displayed on their profiles and applications to aid employers in selecting the most qualified candidate.

3. Reddit: /r/hireawriter and /r/forhire

The subreddits r/forhire and /r/hireawriter on Reddit were created specifically to advertise writing jobs and credentials. r/forhire and /r/hireawriter are the finest free job boards for writers looking for work with small American businesses.

4. Guru, one of the best freelance websites for content writers, is a web platform that connects freelancers with freelance writing employment opportunities in a variety of professional fields, remotely, globally, and with numerous clients and employers.

To access all the freelance writing job opportunities hosted by the platform, “gurus” (the name given to freelancers registered on this portal) must create a profile that best reflects their writing skills, experience, and the independent professional writing services they are willing to offer.

Once the profile is activated, the Guru platform will enable content writers to apply to various projects and job openings, as well as provide them with the required resources and tools to track their collaborations in a “work room,” define goals, determine costs, establish tasks, communicate with clients, share files, and organise schedules.

6. Contently

The 2010-founded startup Contently provides excellent content to other enterprises. It has over 55,000 freelance collaborators, including writers, for this purpose, making it one of the finest freelancing websites for content writers.

Customers of Contently include some of the largest corporations in the world, including Coca-Cola, Google, ING, Walmart, GAP, NBC, and JP.

Contently is unique among freelance writing websites in that it offers compensation that is above average. For example, their fee for a blog post of 300 to 700 words ranges between $300 and $750. Obviously, this must meet certain requirements and provide high-quality materials.

Payments for online writing tasks are made through an escrow system, meaning that the client pays and Contently transfers the funds once the project is approved. This money can then be withdrawn using PayPal. This is discussed in detail in the private section of the website, which is accessible after registering.

6 .Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a website that provides media professionals with career and employment search information, including freelance writing jobs. As one of the finest freelance websites for content writers, it publishes numerous blogs analysing, among other industries, the film and writing industries.

Laurel Touby founded Mediabistro in New York City in 1999 as a meeting location for professionals in journalism, publishing, and other media-related fields.

Mediabistro also provides employment listings in addition to courses and seminars for journalists. The website has evolved into a global resource for media professionals since its inception.