8 Profitable Backyard Farming Ideas for Newbies

Backyard Farming Ideas
Backyard Farming Ideas

This article is about the top profitable backyard farming ideas for newbies. Do you even think you can earn passive income and save money from that small space behind your house? The secret is Backyard farming. That small area of land that you are seeing as insignificant can become a big investment for you.

Meanwhile, most of us know about this. We have been involved in starting a small farm once in oyr backyard. However, the issue is that there are less crops to think off which will survive in your backyard.

Lets just conclude that you are covered with this post. Here, you will discover several Backyard Farming Ideas to delve into in 2022. This will help you to manage the cost you spend on some food crops or even sell some to neighbors if you have more than you expect.

Top Backyard farming ideas for newbies

Listed below are top backyard farming ideas for agriculture newbies.

Jute Leaf farming

Starting with Jute Leaf, a very common vegetable in the south west. You can plant jute leaves at the back of your house with little or no capital. We have a guide for jute leaves which you can check out to learn more about the planting. This is one of the easiest crops to grow in Nigeria and the yield is just so great. This is one of the easiest and profitable ideas for backyard farming.

Having a jute leaf farm is an avenue to run away from the cost of buying this vegetable for a while. Hence, the money saved can be spent on another investment.

Snail farming

You must be familiar with snail farming no matter what you do. Although you might not have in -depth knowledge of feeding and housing, you definitely know that you might not need any capital to start snail farming in Nigeria. Of all backyard farming it is simplest and easiest.

All you need is either a bucket, basket or tire to house them. And you also provide feeds like pawpaw, paw leaves, water leaf and a list of other nutritious feeds that keeps their growth constant. You can buy your snails from the local market or rather pick one in the buses around your vicinity.

Water leaf

In another development, water leaf is a kind of crop that will grow very well anywhere there is enough supply of water. It is one of those hydrophyte crops and you have to treat it as such. It is a vegetable that is very easy to manage and grow. Water leaf is also used for several medicinal purposes and means that you can run to something for first aid.

Have you tried water leaf and bitter leaf soup? If not, try cultivating waterleaf at the back of your compound and then cooking it.

Catfish farming

This is also one of the top backyard farming ideas. It is easy to set up and maintain. Use a bucket to rear one or two fingerlings at the back of your house. They will one day give birth, you can then consume them and leave there infant (newborn fingerlings) to grow again and that I’d how the progression goes.

If you have enough space for a small pond, then you should try this. You can even choose to sell your catfish when they are matured enough.

One of the reasons this is very unique is due to the fact that fingerlings grow so fast and there return on feeding investment is a lot.

Goat farming

This is one of the most common backyard farming ideas. It is very easy to rear Goat in your backyard without any issue. You can even leave them to move around and enjoy their natural free range system. Depending on the available space, the goats should not be more than one or two but if you have enough space, then you can do better.

These are animals which can be conserved as dairy mammals and their milk can be used for several purposes. Their milk is quite costly due to its nutrient potency. So, having a goat seems very profitable in your backyard.

Rabbit farming

Rabbit is one animal you would not cease to like. They are amazing, gentle and kind animals. Most importantly, they have their own unique benefits. Starting from the wool or fur on their body which is used for creating clothing and beddings. This is a ruminant animal that can be practiced in the backyard.

The feed of the animal is even easy to get within vicinity. Bathe thing is that they are very easy to rare and very nutritious for human consumption. You can multiply your income from Rabbit farming as it is very easy to practice and Market.

Pepper production

Pepper can be practiced using pots, trays, buckets, polythene bags etc and still left to grow at the back of your house. It is not that you can not plant them directly in your backyard but you need to make sure that there growth is fast and the best way to do that is to use containers etc.

Garden farming

You can set up a small garden in your backyard – at least something to add beauty to your house. Also, you can choose to go for Rosemary, Beetroot, Cauliflower and many other Garden crops. Some will need you to start with mere containers before delving into direct transplant to the ground.


Background farming is an easy means of managing family, household and personal cost. It is very easy to start with little or no capital.

It is a small farm that needs caring and “strict” farm management. Without that there is a possibility that you will still lose on your farm. This is 2022 where you can start your own backyard farm in Nigeria with less effort. Who knows, this might lead you to a better massive farm investment.

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