Types and importance of Aquaculture Farming?

Types and importance of Aquaculture Farming?
Aquaculture Farming?

Based on lots of requests from our readers about aquaculture farming, we have taken more time to explain the concept and how it affects everyone in agriculture.

At least half of the world population eat a bunch of fish every week. This simply shows how fish and aquaculture farming is so important to the world. The demand for sea food has risen and here we go again, technology is supporting it. The main force behind see food is the increase in the recent innovations around the world. Aquaculture now helps to guarantee the safety, security and stability of the endangered species and the aquatic ecosystem as a whole.

In order to get to the bottom point of the management of the aquatics stocks, we are bringing you an overview of the important sector around rearing fishes and other aquatic animals.

What is aquaculture Farming?

Primarily, Aquaculture is the study of fish and aquatic organisms. However, on a more technical tone, Aquaculture is the process of breeding, rearing, investing and harvesting of fish, and other organisms in all types of water environments. All agriculture processes are controlled by man. So, we can also say aquaculture is the controlled human process of keeping fishes for different purposes, which is usually food. Should you just call it Fish Farming or aquatic livestock farming, you are on the track.

However, until you know they are divided into two parts, you will still not understand what it looks like to be based in this simple process with the aquaculture experts. Just read to immediately grasp the type of aquaculture.

What are the types of aquaculture farming?

Mainly, there are two types of aquaculture always resirfacing from one farmer to another. All the same, the types of aquaculture is based on the number of times a certain species of fish comes up in the farming process. Let’s enter the real deal for the two types of aquaculture: Monoculture and polyculture.

1. Monoculture: This is a process of aquaculture named from the proper selection and observation of only one species of fish. Let me explain, if you are in charge of The rearing of Clarias only or Oreochromis niloticus or Heterotis or Gymnarchus only then this is monoculture.

This is practiced all over the world because of the relative weight it carries. The benefits the farmer will find in this is that it allows the farmer to make the feed that will be specific on a kind of fish instead of inefficient feeding of many fishes at a time.

2. Polyculture: This is the contrast type to monoculture. Instead of a farmer rearing just a species of fish, their is chance to manage many species of fish at a time. Even, you can rear many species of fish in the same pond and at the same time.

In polyculture, a farmer can rear  Hypophthalmichthys moliirix, and the bighead carp at the same time. This is also very efficient and effective and will always win in it’s time. It ensures the improvement of maximised production when fishes are together.

What are the importance of aquaculture?

1. Production of food: Agriculture is the production of food and if aquaculture is a branch of agriculture, then it should be a big commandments for food as well. Most people eat fishes everyday. Even meat is not a competition to the consumption of fishes.

Fishes are proteinious in nature. They helps to improve growth and rapid improvement of the body. Also, they also provide the functions if vitamins. They ensure that worn out tissues in the body are back to their normal position. They also give the body enough energy and the have a great significance in the metabolism if a body.

2. Reducing wastage of cost: The cost of the management of fishes and it’s surrounding aquatic animals is more effective than any other livestock reared in agriculture. So, their is no problem if decide to go into fish farming.

Incase you need more information about aquaculture, check out our second article on aquaculture.

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