Types of housing for Livestocks

Types of housing for Livestock
Types of housing for Livestock

This article is about types of housing for Livestocks.
Animal housing is a design mainly concerned with the physical environment,in order to create a good layout where healthy,high yielding animals can be provided with correct feeding. Also,can be referred to as an enclosure where animals can be easily handled and can produce accordingly.
The importance of animal housing includes the following:

Prevention against inclement weather.
Against theft .
Against predators.
For food provision.
For water provision.
For medication and treatment.
To reduce contagious diseases.
There are two types of housing, indoor and outdoor depending on the type of animal.
Pigs: when it is time for new offspring (piglet) to be born, their mothers are moved to farrowing crates . These individual pens have a metal bars that seperate the mother from the piglets when they are born.
Sheep and goat: the type of housing given to sheep depends on what kind of production system the farmer is using.
Chicken: birds could be place in battery cages or in the deep litter, depending on the type and production system.
Cattle: Beef and dairy cattle are often outside where there is not covering but fenced to limit movement. However, feed is provided under shed depending on the production system.
Rabbits and Grass cutter : they are placed in hutches where nutrition and water provisions are made available.
Factors to be considered for animal housing:
Types of the animal
Age of the animal
Population of the animal
Orientation of the animal
Soil/edaphic factor
Proximity to residential area
Nearness to the market
Availability of building materials.

I believe we have done justice to the types of housing for Livestocks.

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