Yinka Ayefele Biography And Net Worth

Yinka Ayefele Biography And Net Worth

Yinka Ayefele Biography, Age, Wife, Child, Albums & Net Worth

Gospel musician and well-known Nigerian music producer Yinka Ayefele & His Merry Makers Band, or MON, is from Nigeria. From 1999 till the present, he has produced music videos. Distributed and marketed by Galaxy Music from 2009 to 2019 and Alloy Production International from 1999 to 2010 Presently in style are video CD albums, CD covers albums, and entertainment CD albums. Topics covered by Mayowa Oyedokun and Yinka Ayefele include tape albums, fulfillment of original full videos on YouTube, redistributed CD covers, album music artwork, music album cover arts, album artworks, album cover music, album covers, and album covers.


Ayefele was born in Ipoti-Ekiti, a city in the Ekiti State of southwestern Nigeria. Prior to being accepted into the Ondo State College of Arts and Science in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, he completed both his primary and secondary education at our Saviours Anglican primary school in Ipoti-Ekiti.

Ayefele, who was a journalist and presenter at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria in Ibadan for a brief period, also created radio jingles and musical compositions. He began his music career in 1997 after being engaged in a car accident that severely injured his spinal cord and rendered him wheelchair-bound. After spending almost nine months in the hospital, his friend Kola Olootu dropped by and suggested that he combine several tunes. He became well-known after he published his debut album, Bitter Experience, in the year 1998.

After the release of the bitter experience, the sweet experience was released. Other notable albums by the gospel performer include Something Else and the CD “Divine Intervention and Life after Death,” which was issued in memory of Nigerian radio host, musician, and comedian Gbenga Adeboye. The phrase “Bitter Experience” refers to a combination of sweet and bitter experiences, both pleasurable and unpleasant.

Yinka Ayefele Awards and honours

He had received over 200 awards. Among several awards are:

In 2011, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, conferred membership in the Order of the Niger.

He is married to Temitope Titilope, and the two of them have three children together—two of whom are boys and one girl who was born in 2014. Since they were married in 2000, the couple is commemorating their 19th wedding anniversary.

The newlyweds are currently living in Maryland in the United States, where she gave birth to her adorable children.

The exact genders of the children—two boys and a newborn girl—were revealed by Yinka. On Friday, July 19, 2019, the musician posted a video of himself and one of the infants on his Instagram page.

A few weeks ago, he dismissed rumors that his wife had given birth to a set of twins. Now, there has been a new development.

A few weeks ago, Yinka Ayefele disproved the rumors that he and his wife Temitope had welcomed triplets. The musician said this on his Instagram page on June 6, 2019, and urged his followers and admirers to disregard the information.

Yinka Ayefele Albums from 1991 – 2023

  • Bitter Experience (1998)
  • Sweet Experience (1999)
  • Something Else (2000)
  • Divine Intervention (2001)
  • Fun Fair (2002)
  • Life after Death (2003)
  • Aspiration (2004)
  • Fulfilment (2005)
  • New Dawn (2006)
  • Next Level (2007)
  • Gratitude (2008)
  • Absolute Praise (2008)
  • Transformation (2009)
  • Everlasting Grace (2010)
  • Prayer Point (2011)
  • Goodness Of God (2012)
  • Comforter (2013)
  • Overcomer (2014)
  • Upliftment (2015)
  • Fresh Glory (2016)
  • Living Testimony (2017)
  • Favour (2018)
  • Beyond The Limits (2019)

Yinka Ayefele Birthday, Age & Year

The first day of February 1968 saw the birth of Yinka Ayefele. The musician is 53 years old right now. He recently had a big party with family, friends, coworkers, and fans all throughout the country. The size of his fan base, which demonstrates how well-known the music star has been, seems to have surprised many. Due to his quiet demeanor and distinctive way of doing things, he has also gained the admiration of people around the country.

Yinka Ayefele Net Worth (2023) – $ 7.5 Million

In recent years, Yinka Ayefele’s net worth has increased dramatically. His estimated net worth is somewhere between $7.5 million and $9 million. The excellent singer has performed a number of songs that have garnered both praise and attention. Yinka Ayefele has had a significant impact on entertainment. Even years from now, he will continue to be regarded as one of music stars’ finest actresses.

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