Yinka Quadri Biography, Career And Net Worth

Yinka Quadri Biography, Career And Net Worth

Yinka Quadri: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House And Biography

Actor in Nigerian Yoruba who has achieved legendary status is Yinka Quadri. He has achieved the level of notoriety and reputation on the international stage that most aspiring actors can only dream of, and his performances have turned him into a case study of what it takes to be a successful actor in Nigeria. The fact that Yinka Quadri is on the poster alone is enough to guarantee the success of the film; his fan base is large and extends to areas where Yoruba is not even the primary language.

These days, his character is typically that of a successful businessman, an employer, or another somebody who becomes involved in issues involving the younger generation. His films frequently impart positive moral teachings and inspire audiences to act morally so that they do not do harm to their families. He also assumes the role of a spiritualist who occasionally commits sin and must bear the consequences.

Yinka Quadri has the appearance, voice, and demeanor of a wise old man. He is a well-known actor and producer.

Yinka Quadri Biography

He was born on September 6, 1959, in Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria, and goes by the name Yinka Quadri. He is a native of Oro in the Nigerian state of Kwara. He came from a wealthy family and went to Christ High School in Ebute Elefun, Lagos, and St. Catholic School in Idumagbo, Lagos, respectively.

When Yinka, also known as Fagbamila, and a few of his pals, including Taiwo Olayinka, founded the theater company known as Afopina Theatre Group in 1976, that is when he began his acting career. They gave performances in Lagos theaters before eventually making the transition to television with the Agbodorogun series. Since that time, he hasn’t turned around, and Yinka Quadri’s career has been advancing rapidly. He released Yinka Quadri: Scent of a Legend on April 27, 2014. His 36th year in the Nigerian film industry fell on the same day as the book launch.

Yinka Quadri Net Worth

Although this estimate is often cautious, it is likely that Yinka Quadri is worth much more than the projected net worth of $5 million. His money comes from royalties from movie sales, production costs, and brand endorsements in addition to salaries from television and film performances. A number of social and political elites have courted Yinka Quadri, and she has received significant payments to participate at their events.

Although he is active on social media, it is unclear how or if he has made money from them.

Yinka Quadri Wife

Alhaja Sadiat Quadri is Yinka Quadri’s wife, and the two have been together for more than 32 years. They have five adult children, and despite the demands of celebrity life, the family is still going strong. Alhaja Sadiat Quadri is a very private individual who likes to avoid the spotlight.

Yinka Quadri Age

He was born on was born on 6 September 1959 making him 63 years old.

Yinka Quadri House

Yinka Quadri resides in a stunning detached home in Lagos’ Ebute Meta neighborhood. There was a fire there at some point in 2019, however there were no injuries because the fire was extinguished so rapidly.

Some of Yinka Quadri’s Films Include:

  • Agbodorogun
  • Olaniyonu
  • Ilekun Olorun
  • Kutupu
  • Kura
  • Ekun
  • Ojiji
  • Egbinrin Ote
  • Araba
  • Ilari
  • Bolode O’ku
  • Èebúdolá Tèmi

With over 100 film roles under his belt, Qinka Quadri has won numerous accolades, including Best Indigenous Actor in a Lead Role (Yoruba) and Best Actor in a Supporting Role. (Yoruba)


Actor, writer, producer, and director Yinka Quadri comes from Nigeria and speaks the Yoruba language. He has appeared in more than 100 movies and has received numerous honors for his work. The prominent Yoruba actors who make up the Odunfa Caucus are led by Yinka Quadri, who also co-founded the organization. The group is situated in Lagos State’s Ebute-Meta.