You Want to Change the Location on a FireStick?

You Want to Change the Location on a FireStick?

How to Change the Location on a FireStick

With the help of Amazon Fire TV, you can stream a variety of TV shows and films from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other platforms all on one device. Users of FireSticks in various nations do not, however, all have access to the same apps and features.

On your FireStick, you can, however, change your location to gain access to features in other areas. You can change your location on the FireStick in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in this guide. We will also address some frequently asked questions about this subject.

How to Change Your City Location on a FireStick Directly

Technically, your IP address changes when you move your location.

Using a VPN is one of the safest ways to change your location, whether it’s within your area or abroad (a virtual private network). By “tricking” apps and websites into thinking you are using one IP address when in reality you are using another, a VPN ensures your safety and privacy.

There are other VPN apps available for Amazon Fire TV, but ExpressVPN is the best one. This is how it goes: On your computer, you must first sign up for ExpressVPN. The app must then be downloaded to your Fire TV. The VPN connection to your Fire TV is the final step.

Use the steps below to change your FireStick’s city location using ExpressVPN:

  1. Open the ExpressVPN website on your computer.
  2. Choose a plan (one month, six months, or 15 months).
  3. Enter your email address on the same page.
  4. Pick your preferred method of payment. You can choose to pay with a credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or other payment methods.

There are two ways you can download the app to your Fire TV for the following step. You have the option of downloading the app using the Amazon App Store or an APK file. Since the first approach is much simpler, we advise using it.

The country you register with for both your VPN server location and your Amazon account must be the same at this point. The Amazon App Store download instructions are as follows:

  1. Launch your Amazon Fire TV and go to Home Screen.
  2. Go to the “Search” function by pressing the left button on the directional pad. This automatically opens the Amazon App Store.
  3. Type in “ExpressVPN” and select it.
  4. Go to “Download.”
  5. Wait for the download to finish and open the app.

The last part requires you to connect your ExpressVPN account and your Fire TV. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Create your account. The app will be activated the moment you sign in.
  3. Select “OK” to set up your VPN.
  4. Choose the location you want to register. This includes both a country and a city.
  5. Go to the power button to turn the VPN on.

That’s it! Now you can start streaming and watch whatever you want on your Fire TV.

How to Change Your City Location on a FireStick Through the Router

There are two additional ways to modify your Fire TV account’s city location: one is through your Amazon account, and the other is through your FireStick. To change your location using your Amazon account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon on your browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to “Accounts & Lists” on the top banner.
  3. Find “Your content and devices” on the drop-down menu.
  4. Go to the “Preferences” tab.
  5. Under “Country/Region Settings,” click on the “Change” button.
  6. Change your country, region, city, address line, and more location information.
  7. Click on the “Update” button.

Restart your FireStick to complete the transaction. After the reboot, you might be prompted to sign in to your account. On the FireStick, you can also change your location. This is how you do it:

  1. Launch your Fire TV and go to the Home screen.
  2. Use the “Right” button on the directional pad to go to “Settings.”
  3. Select “Preferences.”
  4. Find “Location” on the menu.
  5. Type in the ZIP code for your preferred location.

How to Enable or Disable Location Sharing to Your FireStick

You must input your location when you initially establish your Amazon account. Your city, state, region, nation, address line, and ZIP code are all mentioned here. You don’t need to worry about that because your location is enabled by default when you use your Firestick.

On your FireStick, you are unable to turn off location sharing or hide your location. This is so that Amazon Fire TV can function, which requires access to your location. You can, however, change your location if you think your privacy is in jeopardy.